Loewe’s Dua Lipa-Loved Statement Heels Are the Best Wedding Shoe

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When I was a bridesmaid for my cousin’s wedding, she requested one thing: “Don’t wear weird shoes.” I guess I have a reputation, and she must have known that the strappy black heels she asked me to buy were not even on my radar. Shoes that simple are far more practical than the colorful platform options I often opt for (like Marc Jacobs’s recent Kiki boots reedition) and make me feel entirely unlike myself. It wasn’t until recently that I realized there’s a strappy black heel for everyone — mine just happen to cost $1,600 and feature a heel that looks like a rose. 

Loewe’s Rose slide sandal is just one of the many Dadist heels that were part of the brand’s Spring 2022 collection. The other pairs feature heels made from a random assortment of everyday items: a broken egg, bottle of red nail polish, pastel purple bar of soap, and a twisted pink birthday candle. I felt the rose heel ones calling my name when I saw Dua Lipa wear them last month. But it wasn’t until I saw Chloë Sevigny wear a pair to her bachelorette party, and then a custom white pair to her wedding, that I knew I needed to splurge on them for the handful of postponed weddings I’m attending this summer.  

The reality is the shoe is the perfect style for a summer wedding — or any wedding, for that matter. A statement heel adds personality to what would otherwise be a classic shoe style, and could easily make any dress look more exciting, no matter how simple. And while I do think these are the kind of shoes worth the investment, as they can double as home decor, adorning your armoire while you’re not dancing in them (or walking down a beach like Sevigny), there are also plenty of other options for under $100 that’ll create the same effect.  

Cult Gaia, Jeffrey Campbell, and Schutz all have plenty of statement heel options that’ll instantly make any wedding look feel less obvious, although they’re more structural and less surrealist. Plus, say what you will about walking on eggshells, but most statement heels are block heels, which are notoriously easy to walk in compared to more traditional stilettos. And there’s absolutely no denying that they’re far more fun and unexpected than the standard pump. They may not break the internet like Loewe’s heels, but they won’t break the bank — and no doubt be a hit on Instagram. 

As far as I’m concerned, weird shoes are by far the best shoes.Shop the viral Loewe sandals, and so many other statement heels, below. 

Loewe Rose Slide Sandal 

Loewe Block-Heel Slide Sandal 

Loewe Nail Lacquer Slide Sandal

Loewe Broken-Egg Slide Sandal 

Jeffrey Campbell Demi d’Orsay Pump

Cult Gaia Gigi Sandal

Cult Gaia Su Sandal 

Jeffrey Campbell All That Ankle-Tie Sandal

BCBGeneration Luckee Block-Heel Slide Sandal

Schutz Ariella Sandal 

French Connection Clear Heel Slide Sandal