Lost wedding ring returned to owner after chance encounter at Florida springs

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) – A missing wedding band has been returned to its owner after a 10-year-old found it in Florida springs.

Sergeant Gabriel Lindquist went on vacation with his family and visited Madison Blue Spring State Park. While swimming, he lost his wedding ring in the water.

“I looked down and noticed my ring was missing and I’m like, ‘well, that’s gone. I’ll never get that back,’” said Sgt. Lindquist.

Sgt. Lindquist. and his family packed up and returned to Thomasville.

10-year-old Livia Harrison, who lives just up the road in Boston, happened to also be visiting the springs. She said she was swimming back to her mother when she decided to take a dip under water.

“I found a ring in a rock. It was like, stuck and jammed in there, so I just grabbed it,” said Harrison. “I tried to get back to where my mom was at so I won’t lose it, and then I got back to her and she just put it on her Facebook and TikTok.”

The post was shared over 600 times according to Harrison’s mom, and one of the viewers just so happened to be Sgt. Lindquist’s colleague.

“I mentioned that my ring was missing, and he just happened to go on Facebook, and while on Facebook, was scrolling through and noticed that somebody had a picture of a ring and was like, ‘what’s the chances?’” said Sgt. Lindquist.

“He sent me a text message picture of it and I was like, ‘yep, that’s it! That’s it right there’.”

Harrison’s mother’s Facebook post asked the owner to describe the inscription, the date on the ring and the size to be sure it was returned to it’s rightful owner. When Sgt. Lindquist provided that information, the two families arranged a meeting to return the ring.

Harrison was presented with the Chief’s coin, a certificate and other gifts acknowledging her act of kindness and honesty which resulted in the ring’s return. Harrison said she was nervous about meeting with the Sgt. Lindquist, but excited to know that she played a part in getting him his ring back.

“I’m so thankful that somebody is honest enough to try to return something special. I’m very grateful,” said Lindquist.

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