MA Man Turned To TikTok For A Wedding Date. Thousands Replied

MASSACHUSETTS — A Massachusetts man who describes himself as “half nerd/half jock” took to TikTok this week in hopes of finding a date for a September wedding.

Nearly 4.4 million views and 12,000 replies later, 31-year-old Steve is “flabbergasted” at the response.

“I did not expect that to blow up like it did,” Steve, who will be a groomsman at the wedding, said in a follow-up video posted Wednesday.

“We can dance all night and take cute pictures,” Steve continued.

Still not sold? The wedding will even feature a french fry bar.

Who will Steve take to the wedding? He hasn’t said. The fan favorite, however, is Emily, who submitted her “application” via TikTok video.

“I love to dance,” the 28-year-old from Rhode Island said. “I could knit you a sweater for the rink. Oh, and I have a dress!”

Want a chance to be Steve’s wedding date? It’s not too late — and you don’t even need a TikTok account. Here’s the application to be his date.