Man Knocks Bouquet from Girlfriend’s Hands at Sister’s Wedding. Mom’s Angry!

By: Elizabeth Ervin
| Published:
March 1, 2023

Weddings are a time to celebrate love, joy, and commitment between two people. But what happens when someone’s thoughtless actions ruin a special moment at a wedding?

Recently, a man knocked the bouquet from his girlfriend’s hands at his sister’s wedding, causing his mother to become furious. Here is his story.

The Bouquet Toss

A man, who we’ll call Mike, found himself in hot water after his attempt at a lighthearted joke went wrong. The incident took place at his girlfriend’s sister’s wedding. His girlfriend, Maggie, accompanied him among the ladies trying to catch the bouquet during the bouquet toss.

Intending to lift the mood and be funny, Mike decided to stand behind Maggie and knock the bouquet to the ground before she could catch it. Although he thought the joke would be evident to everyone and that he would get a chuckle from the crowd, the reality was quite different.

The sound of gasps from the guests filled the air as soon as the bouquet hit the floor. An awkward silence followed, and Mike laughed to try and show everyone that it was just a joke. However, no one else seemed to find it funny.

As the dinner got underway, Mike noticed that no one was talking to him, and he was getting a few sideways glances. Maggie’s mother eventually pulled him aside and asked him to leave in a very respectful manner.

He didn’t want to cause a scene, so he obliged and left the wedding.
A few weeks later, Maggie and her sister seemed to have moved on from the incident, but Maggie’s mother was still upset.

Mike has yet to speak to her since the wedding. He was left wondering if his actions made him the jerk or if his joke was misinterpreted and that she should get over it, like Maggie and the bride. Here is how the internet responded.

Jokes Are Supposed To Be Funny

One person explained, “It’s a tradition many people take to heart. It’s not an automatic you must be married thing. You made an unnecessary scene and damaged your relationship with your girlfriend AND her family.

You ruined a possibly cute moment for no reason. Jokes are supposed to be funny. So explain the joke. Seriously explain how ruining a moment at a wedding is so damn funny.”

Trying to Lift the Mood?

Another asked accusingly, “You were trying to lift the mood? Seriously? It was a wedding, for goodness sake. The mood doesn’t get more elevated than that!”

A third agreed, “At his girlfriend’s expense, no less! Nope, not going to marry you, swipe! Hahaha, so funny!! Everyone thinks that’s so funny!! My girlfriend is not marriage material!! I don’t want to marry her!! All these people here who love her, you all get the joke, right?!”

Ruined a Traditional Moment

Finally, many in the thread agreed that he ruined a traditional moment. It’s also a photography moment. One asked how do you remedy that? Bouquets are also expensive!

One clarified, generally, unmarried women compete to grab the bouquet. “By slapping it down, you took ALL – literally ALL – of the fun out of the activity.” You’re not an unmarried woman. You had no interest in the activity. So why did you insert yourself?”

It’s a mean thing to do, and it’s not funny. What’s the joke? Haha, no one gets the bouquet? Haha, I don’t want to marry my partner? Haha, traditions are dumb? “I can’t think of any reason it’s funny.” The kindest interpretation is you want attention and go about it annoyingly.

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You took an activity involving a group you aren’t a member of and made the moment about yourself. So, “If you have any relationship with the married couple, I suggest apologizing for being unaware and self-focused.”

Oof. What do you think about this Redditor‘s actions? I think it’s pretty clear that this is never a funny joke.


This article was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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