Man Refused To Attend Wedding With Girlfriend Wearing White Dress

There’s an unspoken rule at weddings — don’t wear white unless you’re the bride. It’s a rule almost everyone follows but one Reddit user has opened up about what happened when his girlfriend decided the rule didn’t apply to her.

In a story posted to Reddit’s ‘r/TrueOffMyChest,’ he recounted how he refused to go to a wedding with his girlfriend because she wore white.

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His girlfriend wanted to wear white to her brother’s wedding and thought it wouldn’t matter.

“Last weekend my girlfriend’s oldest brother got married. She has one older brother and two younger ones,” the boyfriend begins. 

According to him, he was supposed to attend the wedding with her but when the time came for them to leave, his girlfriend came out wearing a long white dress — despite the fact that she had bought a regular dress with her mother not long before the wedding. 

“Instead of wearing the dress she bought when she went shopping with her mum, she wore a different one. It was a lacy white floor-length one. I asked her if it was really appropriate to wear a dress like [that] to someone else’s wedding but she said it’s not a wedding dress.”

You see, her brother is gay and marrying a man so there wouldn’t be a bride that she would be clashing with but the man figured the same rule should still apply.

To avoid embarrassment, he told a cousin that he was exposed to COVID and said he couldn’t go to the wedding. 

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Afterward, he found out what happened at the ceremony. 

Not only did her girlfriend not change the dress but she showed up late and tried to walk up the aisle to get to her seat in the front. 

“Her dad stopped her and she had to sit in the back. And her parents drove her back to her apartment so she could change dresses between the ceremony and the reception,” he writes.

“Her parents made sure that the photographer didn’t take any pictures with her anywhere in them when she was wearing the white dress.”

Despite the very clear fact that she was in the wrong, her boyfriend wrote how upset she was that he didn’t go with her and still believes that she did nothing wrong. 

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Users in the comments were baffled at her actions. 

It’s clear that the girlfriend was in the wrong for her actions but it’s even worse that she thought that it would be okay because it was a gay wedding. 

Many users in the comments seem to agree with this statement.

“When you put it this way it gives me homophobic vibes? Like she needed the attention so badly, that she went to a wedding where, hopefully, everyone realizes the wedding is between two men, but people might be all eyes on her at a crucial moment because of how highly tied in the idea of ‘wedding’ and ‘wedding dress’ are to one another,” one user commented. 

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Another user pointed out just how fundamentally wrong it is for her to wear white to the wedding. 

“As a woman I will tell you this: be very careful of your [girlfriend.] Every woman knows you just don’t wear white to someone else’s wedding. Doing so is a total b-tchy, attention-grabbing move that is intended to upset the people whose wedding it is.”

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