Man sparks controversy after agreeing to pay for his sister’s wedding: ‘Your money, your call’

A man doesn’t want to pay for his stepsister’s wedding because of his past history with his mother.

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He explained the dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” (AITA)” forum. When he was 8, his mother cheated and left his dad for another man. His mother was absent until he was 18 years old. They were able to rekindle their relationship. However, he couldn’t believe it when his mom pressured him to pay for his stepsister’s wedding.

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“So my mom got divorced from my dad when I was 6 and my sister was 8,” he said. “She didn’t want anything to do with us, and she eventually got remarried to a guy who had a daughter a year younger than me. Our dad never remarried and it was later that we found out that she cheated on dad with the guy she married.”

“But she got back in contact with us when my sister turned 18 and has been in contact with us since. And I have to admit she has been a good mother ever since, and we have a good relationship with our stepsister also.”

The Reddit poster received an eight-figure settlement after an app he founded was sold and is very well-to-do.

“So, my sister decided to get married earlier this year and I paid for the whole ceremony; it cost around $80,000 in total,” he explained. “No issues as I can afford it and my sister was very happy, which is what matters in the end. But now my stepsister is getting married next month and she called me to say that I should help her with the expenses for her wedding.”

“I refused; why would I pay for her wedding? But then my mom called me and said that I shouldn’t discriminate between my two sisters, like WTF? I only have one. Mom says that since my stepsister and her fiancée are not very well-to-do, I should help them. I told her that just because I paid for my own sister’s wedding, it doesn’t mean that I would pay for the wedding of the daughter of the guy she left us for. But she said that I am being petty. My sister and dad are on my side.”

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Redditors didn’t think he owed his stepsister anything. 

“Your money, your call as to who gets it,” someone commented. 

“The fact she’s expecting you to pay is a red flag,” another wrote. 

“Your mom picked her new family. You don’t owe them anything,” a user said. 

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