Man takes revenge on ex-fiancee by selling her wedding dress for just £5

A man has taken revenge on his ex by putting her wedding dress on sale on Facebook Marketplace for just £5.

The rather blunt message didn’t speak too fondly of the man’s ex. The advert, which was titled ‘Wedding dress – size fat’ read as follows: “Wedding dress – would fit a larger lady, quite chavvy in style so would suit a cheap slapper.

“Had a lucky escape so it’s brand new which is more than can be said for the intended wearer’s well-worn vagina.

“It’s a size 12 I think – she was prone to lying so it’s possibly a 14/16.”

The advert was marked as pick up only and was located in Stockton- Upon-Tees.

This absolutely brutal bit of revenge was captured by TikTok user @pduck11 where it has since been viewed more than 399,000 times.


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As you might have guessed, the advert had shocked many but a lot of people felt that the woman had had a lucky escape even if she had missed out on a wedding dress.

Commenting on TikTok one person said: “I feel attacked if that’s size fat? Mine must have been size whale. She looked gorgeous in it as well. Hope she’s doing well now.”

Another person said: “Somehow I think it’s she who had the lucky escape.”

A third added: “noooo, but she looked stunning I’m glad she didn’t marry him.”

Others felt that he might have been justified. “Or maybe she broke his heart and he’s venting?” one user wrote.

Either way, we can only presume that this couple isn’t together anymore. We just hope the wedding dress has been sold to banish them of the memories of this relationship.

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