Man Who Feared He’d Never Date His Love Due to Cerebral Palsy Cries on Seeing Her in Wedding Dress

Tears streaming down his face, Justin Boisvert tried with every ounce of strength he had not to cry. However, it was all in vain as he saw the love of his life walking down the aisle looking like a goddess dressed in white. 

Justin Boisvert was born with cerebral palsy, which has caused him to have to use a wheelchair. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), this disorder is caused by the brain developing abnormally, leading to difficulty controlling one’s muscles. 

Boisvert, from Canada, has admitted that the condition made it difficult to fulfill his day-to-day tasks. However, he has always faced these roadblocks head-on, coming up with innovative ways to manage his everyday life. 

This is why despite his cerebral palsy, he chose to begin online dating. However, he did not let anyone online know about his condition, leading him to worry about how they may react if or when they found out. Boisvert stated:

“Back then, I always had that fear of what the person was going to think…It scared me because I didn’t know.”

She confessed that she was initially taken aback by the news but decided to pursue whatever may happen between them anyway. Raposo expressed that she realized he was still a man with whom she felt a connection, even if he had a specific condition.

As a result, on April 20, 2018, the then-27-year-old walked down the aisle toward 30-year-old Raposo, waiting for her on the other side. As he watched his wife glide towards him, the groom was overcome with emotion and began sobbing. Boisvert recollected:

“It was just so much building up — the waiting anticipation. When I finally saw her and how beautiful she looked, I was trying to hold it in, but I couldn’t.”

As soon as she caught sight of her husband-to-be, Raposo also couldn’t hold back her tears, trying to keep it together as she found her way to him.

Her mother, 58-year-old Alzira Raposo, and stepfather 67-year-old Tony Da Rocha stood by her side as she walked towards the altar in front of 150 people. 

Despite the tears flowing from bride and groom, the two managed to get through their “I do’s” and had a fantastic night together. Their fun didn’t stop there: For their honeymoon, they went to Cancun, Mexico, where they swam with dolphins. 

As for the future, the pair simply want to grow old together. However, having children may be on the table at some point too. Whatever the next step is for these two, we are sure they will march to the beat of their own drum.