Married at First Sight Australia: Two brides clash over getting intimate with new husbands on first night of marriage

Married at First Sight Australia usually delivers the drama from tense arguments in relationships to disagreements with the romance experts. And the first episode of the new series proved no different as it saw two brides clash about their views on having sex with their new husbands on the first night.

While meeting for the first time at the hen party, Melissa, 41, made it very clear she was planning on enjoying her first night with her husband. Fellow bride Melinda, 32, disagreed with this, saying she would not be sleeping with a stranger straight away.

Melissa said: “I am actually quite a sexual person” and seemed very shocked when Melinda said she was not very sexual. Melissa added: “Well, you just got married to him and now you don’t want to sleep with him?” while Melinda argued that she would not know her groom well. To the camera, Melinda called Melissa “overpowering” and said they were “on different paths”.

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Bride Melissa made it very clear that sex would be important to her in the marriage, saying she was expecting her groom to keep up with her in the bedroom. Melissa’s 10-year marriage ended several years ago, and she co-parents her son.

Meanwhile Melinda, who is 32 and a CEO in fashion and beauty, wants an ambitious man who is equally business-minded, understands her lifestyle and won’t be clingy, but he must be patient. Beneath her tough exterior, Melinda is very emotional and admits to picking fights in a relationship when she gets bored or insecure about not being number one.

Married at First Sight first airs on E4, starting on Monday, March 6 at 7.30pm, and will air weekly from Monday to Thursday.