Married couple plans ‘re-wedding’ after husband comes out as trans woman

A married couple planned a marvelous “re-wedding” after one spouse came out as a trans woman.

Jae and Rayna Harvey, the couple in question, live in Somerset, England, and first wed in Texas in 2018, where Jae is from originally.

Shortly after the wedding, Rayna came out as a trans woman.

As reported in The Mirror, Rayna spoke to the outlet saying she had been suppressing who she truly was since she was 11-years-old and that she felt extremely “liberated” after coming out while on their honeymoon in Wiltshire.


“It was liberating. Something I’d been storing away for so long and when it actually happened, it was more of a relief – the overpowering feeling was ‘thank God for that,’” Rayna told the outlet.

Now, the loving couple is planning their re-wedding” to celebrate their love and life since Rayna is out.

“There’s a bit of a disconnect when we think back to our first wedding as I feel ‘well Ray wasn’t there?’ and I want her in my wedding,” Jae said.

“What I want more than anything is for her family to see her walk down the aisle and for her to have her day – I got to have mine with all my bells and whistles, so now it’s her turn,” she continued.

Since coming out as trans, Rayna also mentioned that she received “incredible support” from her 93-year-old grandmother, who buys her “granddaughter” cards for special occasions.

How sweet!

“There’s been periods of self-loathing and trying to figure out what’s going on in my head, and Jae’s helped me put the pieces together. It’s only been since I got together with Jae and got married that she’s given me a safe environment to express myself,” Rayna said.

Additionally, Jae noted that the “re-wedding” will occur next September in Somerset’s Quantock Hills.

Both brides will be donning “beautiful black dresses” for “an all black and white theme with white pink and red roses,” symbolizing renewal and rebirth.

A couple of weeks ago on Instagram, Rayna had this to say about her relationship with Jae.

“Wife, words will never be able to explain how much of a difference you’ve made to my life. I owe most of who I am to you and the time you invested to teach me and to help me get where I want to be, “the post began.

“ From doing my photoshoots, helping me with what goes together clothes-wise, holding my hand and reassuring me, to just loving me and being my wife, you’ve got it all, and I’m so so lucky to be loved by you,” she continued, in part.

Cheers to love, happiness, and acceptance!