Meet the Menkveld flower farm family in Nolensville

Dozens of types of flowers and herbs burst from the soil of Menkveld Farm in Nolensville, where the community is invited to engage with nature in a new way. 

The farm has been a labor of love years in the making. 

Elizabeth and Nathan Menkveld began by planting lavender in the hopes of harvesting it to use in products they could sell.    

“The things we now do with the lavender we had never thought of when we started, and the things we thought we would do, we almost do none of,” Nathan  said.

The farm now also offers photography sessions, U-pick events, date nights, subscription flower delivery, a wedding venue and more.

The Menkvelds began their farming journey in 2017 when they moved to Tennessee. Elizabeth grew up in the state, and the couple knew they wanted to live in the Williamson County area.

They both grew up in small cities and felt a strong connection to the outdoors. Elizabeth credited the book series “Little House on the Prairie” for her love of flowers. She said while in college she obsessed over Pinterest and started gardening with a small patch of vegetables.

Ollie Land and Kate Netolicky sit together at the picnic date night with charcuterie boards at the Menkveld Farm in Nolensville, Tenn., Friday, July 23, 2021.

As things began to reopen after the pandemic shutdown in 2020, the couple decided to host U-pick sessions. They didn’t expect many people to participate and were surprised when the events sold out. They said they were proud to provide a safe space to decompress during the pandemic.

“We put stakes in the ground and assigned each group their own section, making sure to sterilize each tool between use,” Elizabeth said.

“We had seven rows of cars in our front yard for the first event,” Nathan said. “Giving people a place to go after being in the house for months was amazing.”   

Menkveld Farm focuses on engagement with customers and the community. Providing their children, ages 2 and 9 months, with a space to grow, explore and learn was a big reason for starting the business. Now they feel fortunate to give similar experiences to the families who visit.

“We want everything to be the best quality when you arrive,” Elizabeth said. “We harvest flowers at their peak. If you are doing pictures, we want the flowers to be in bloom and colorful. With our private events like wedding and baby showers, you have the entire farm, so you can fully engage with the space and enjoy your special moment.”

Keri Cooper and Josh Chambers take a selfie together at the picnic date night with charcuterie boards at the Menkveld Farm in Nolensville, Tenn., Friday, July 23, 2021.

The farm grows more than 1,800 lavender plants and 150,000 sunflowers among other plants. The Menkvelds hope to be able to extend the growing season into late spring and early fall for coming years. 

Menkveld Farm is located 2966 McCanless Road Nolensville. For more about the farm and future events, visit the