Meghan Markle found her dad wasn’t going to attend her wedding ‘through tabloid’ | World News

Meghan Markle discovered her dad wasn’t going to attend her wedding ‘through a tabloid’, she claimed in the series Harry and Meghan that released on Netflix. In the third episode, Meghan Markle said she discovered her father Thomas Markle wasn’t going to attend her wedding “through a tabloid”.

Meghan Markle spoke about her estranged father while reflecting on the immediate lead up to her wedding on May 19, 2018.

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“The week before our wedding we get a call from our joint communications secretary who said this story is going to come out tomorrow saying your father has been staging pictures and taking money from press. That was the first I was hearing of it,” Meghan Markle said.

Meghan Markle then explained the conversation with her father, in which she said he denied the allegations but refused to be flown to the UK a day early for the wedding.

“(I said) ‘We’ll just come and get you out a day early to get you out of Mexico’, and he said ‘No no I have things I need to do’. And it felt really cagey. I said ‘it doesn’t make sense’. And when we hung up I looked at H (Harry), I was like ‘I don’t know why but I don’t believe him’. Paps and journalists were following him all day, every day, the unravelling happened that week when he wouldn’t pick up my call, and instead you’re talking to TMZ and I’m find out that you’re not coming to our wedding through a tabloid,” Meghan Markle said.


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