Mehndi Dress for Bride

Mehndi Dress for Bride

The mehndi dress for bride is becoming one of the most popular Indian ethnic attires. It is an ethnic garment that is worn in weddings in India. It is a traditional garment that has a curvy shape on the front and back. These dresses come with a long neck and are adorned with beautiful designs and embellishments.

mehndi dress for bride

The mehendi function garments have been around in the Indian society since the 17th century. However, it did not gain popularity until the later part of the 19th century. The reason for this is because it is believed to be a holy attire. It is believed to be a test of strength between the man and woman. It is also believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune and prosperity to the couple.

There are many colours available in the mehndi dresses. Yellow is considered to be the colour of wealth in India. So, a mehendi function dress can be either a yellow or gold dress. The other colours are chosen based on the colour of the bride’s skin. Dark skinned brides will wear dark coloured dresses while fair skinned brides can wear various shades of golden, pink and red.

Yellow dresses are mostly worn on the wedding day. However, more brides these days are choosing a neutral shade of yellow for their mehndi function gowns. Yellow is a very lucky colour for Indian brides as it is believed to bring good luck. Another reason why brides prefer to wear yellow is because it is the colour of love. It is considered to be a very auspicious colour as it indicates the beginning of new relationship.

Many online stores have an amazing collection features in different mehndi outfits. These collection features include dresses in elegant cuts, long lines, short lines and in a wide variety of patterns. Some of the most elegant outfits include a stunning mehndi choli that comes with a separate blouse that has a split into the neckline and has criss-cross straps that are embroidered with silver threads. This exquisite outfit is designed in a v-neck style and it looks fabulous. For an elegant look, the outfit has an elaborate veil that is also adorned with silver threads.

One of the most popular mehndi outfits for this season is the mehndi choli with a separate blouse that has an embroidered motif in a georgette fabric. It has a separate crinoline collar and has a small gathered skirt. This exquisite choli comes in a zari pattern and it can be embroidered with semi-opaque crystal stones. Brides who want to appear elegant during their functions can opt for this collection that features beautifully crafted georgette dresses.

A typical mehndi bridal wear for a young girl is an Aabbeh lehenga or a Ghagra Choli. This is a stylish yet elegant colour combination that will complement the mehndi wear. The Aabbeh Lehenga comes in a gorgeous black colour and it has beautifully embroidered floral designs at the edge of the fabric. This outfit is ideal for a ceremony outfit because black goes well with all shades of wedding colours.

Some brides also prefer mehndi ceremony wear such as a mehndi choli with a separate top. This usually goes well with the mehndi choli. These ceremony outfits are available in various colours and designs such as the pink Choli with golden embroidery and the saree with silver bangles. However, a mehndi for a bride’s wedding ceremony is an exclusive affair and it is best to buy one from a renowned designer. For more mehndi dress ideas browse online and select the ideal mehndi outfit from any of the designers.