Melbourne Florist Reveals How to Preserve Flowers at Home

Additionally, Amazing Graze Flower says it has become common to dry wedding bouquets, to hold onto the special memories associated with these blooms. While there are businesses specialising in this practice, Amazing Graze Flowers offers some tips on how to do it at home.

The traditional way of preserving flowers is simply by air drying them, explains Amazing Graze Flowers. Firstly, it’s important to remove leaves from the flower stems and then bunch the flowers and tie together. Flowers should then be hung upside down from a sturdy support.

Another popular method is pressing the flowers. The blooms need to be spread out on clean wax paper so they will lift easily after pressing. Amazing Graze Flowers recommends arranging the flowers as desired in this step as they can’t be manipulated after they have been dried and pressed. Next, lay the wax paper with flowers inside the pages of a heavy book, add another piece of wax paper on top and shut the book, then weigh it down with something heavy. Leave to dry for seven to ten days and then once they are flat and dry, the arrangement can be framed.

Amazing Graze Flowers says there are several other methods for preserving flowers including submerging them in silica gel or dipping them in wax.

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