Mental Health Advocate to Hold Demonstration in Wedding Dress at Waterford Hospital

A St John’s-based mental health advocate, who has demonstrated in front of the Waterford Hospital every Saturday for nearly a year, isn’t going to back down from her post tomorrow, even though it also happens to be her wedding day.

Preparing for a wedding can be stressful, but it can be even more stressful for someone diagnosed with mental illness.

Kristi Allan and her fiancee both have a history of mental illness. The couple is preparing to be married on Saturday.

Allan says both she and her intended have had difficulties accessing the care they need. She says while the construction of a new Adult Mental Health and Addictions Hospital is a good move, she says serious improvements need to be made to long-term mental health care.

She’s in the process of raising funds for the Jacob Puddester Foundation.

Allan feels so passionately about the need for government action, she will be protesting outside the Waterford Hospital on Saturday in her wedding dress just prior to her wedding.