Mia Yim Talks Mick Foley Officiating Her Wedding To Keith Lee

As noted earlier, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was the marriage officiant for AEW star Keith Lee and Mia Yim’s recent wedding ceremony.

Speaking at a recent Hotspots Superstore auction, Yim detailed the circumstances that led to Foley officiating her wedding to Lee.

“Mick Foley was our officiant which was really cool,” Yim said. “When Keith and I got engaged and we posted the picture up [on Twitter]. He commented, ‘hey, if you ever need an officiant, like, let me know.’ So I DMed him, I was like, ‘hey, were you serious or were you just, were you just saying that?’ He was like, ‘no, no. For you guys, yeah definitely. Let me know, I’ll do it.’ He is the goodest of good souls. Like, I love Mick so much. He’s the best.”

Speaking further about the wedding ceremony, which was attended by several wrestlers, Yim revealed she approached the day with two primary objectives – marrying Lee and eating cake.

“My main focus was, I just wanted to marry Keith and eat the cake, and that’s all I wanted,” Yim stressed. “It was a lavender cake; orange-scented, with white chocolate filling. Immaculate. It was delicious. And so Chris [Riddle] was there and it went better than I expected because, so we had a Disney wedding and, and the communication because COVID wasn’t really all there, but they came through like the final week of the wedding. So we had like, Mickie and Minnie was there. We got the, hell yeah we did. Mickie’s my favorite. And then we got the Cinderella’s carriage.”

Since her WWE release last November, Yim has taken a break from pro wrestling for obvious reasons. Following their wedding, Yim and Lee moved halfway across the country, from Florida to the Dallas, TX area.

“I had to take a break,” Mia Yim admitted. “I know my 90 days was up in February, but I had to take a break and not take bookings until March because I got married in February and then a week-and-a-half later, we were moving halfway across the country and I’m like, ‘if Keith is going to be doing the traveling, I might as well be the one at home getting everything together.”

Dakota Cohen contributed to this article.

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