Millennials and Gen Z won’t like this ‘brilliant’ rule Kevin Love and his wife imposed at their wedding

Longtime partners Kevin Love and Kate Bock finally tied the knot recently, but fans wouldn’t have known it if they were looking for clues on the social media pages of the couple’s many famous friends.

That’s because there was a no-phone policy at the wedding. Bock recently look to Instagram to explain the rule and why she thought it was “one of the most brilliant things” they did to make the event special.

Along with the reveal of the unique rule, Bock also shared some incredible images from the wedding, including one of her and her new husband, as well as those of some of the biggest NBA stars who were in attendance such as LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Love’s Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Darius Garland.

Based on the images, the wedding was clearly an incredibly classy affair. Fans of Love and Bock would expect nothing less. The two have been dating for years, and their good looks and impeccable sense of style have never failed to impress.

For Love, it must have been a wonderful experience for him to see current and former teammates celebrate the special day along with him.

Now, with the rest of the summer and NBA offseason ahead of them, the newlywed couple will surely enjoy the next couple of months traveling and enjoying one another’s company.

After that, it will be time for Love to get back to Cleveland so that he can lead a young and talented Cavs team into what is sure to be an exciting 2022-23 campaign.