Modern Love Podcast: A Couple Walks Into City Hall

It’s 2022, the year of matrimania. Roughly 2.5 million weddings are expected (a bump not seen since 1984), and other trends are wildly taking off — ceremonies for pets, weddings on weekdays, a revival of epic poofy dresses.

While the business of nuptials is evolving, we revisit Pauline Miller’s essay from 2017 about one tried-and-true approach: tying the knot at City Hall (a decision fueled by Pauline’s desperate need for health care). Then, our host, Anna Martin, and producer Julia Botero take to City Hall in downtown Manhattan to see it for themselves. They talk to a swirl of people getting married — from a duo who met on Myspace to a divorced couple giving it another go. They also get the scoop on the most unforgettable wedding ever witnessed by the city clerk.

Hosted by: Anna Martin
Produced by: Hans Buetow, Julia Botero and Anna Martin
Edited by: Sara Sarasohn
Executive Producer: Wendy Dorr
Engineered by: Elisheba Ittoop
Theme Music: Dan Powell
Essay by: Pauline Miller
Read by: Sam Desz
Founder, Modern Love: Daniel Jones
Editor, Modern Love Projects: Miya Lee

Special thanks: Mahima Chablani, Renan Borelli, Jeffrey Miranda, Julia Simon, Lisa Tobin, Sam Dolnick, and Ryan Wegner at Audm.

And thank you to the guests in today’s episode: Sue Yang, Gabriel Krochmal, Jessica Olsen, Brady Randall, Yeeun Kim, Jaemo Lee, Glenice Alvarez, Juan Carlos Pinales, Renaldo Melgar, Kathleen De La Cruz, David Ramos, Melissa Ramos, Miriam Harvey, Maria, Genero, and Mike McSweeney.

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