More on Kit and Bell’s wedding…

We know that there is going to be a major event coming in the world of The Resident season 6 soon — Kit and Bell are getting married! This will take place within the 100th episode of the series and when you consider that alone, it should be clear that the writers are planning out some awesome stuff.

The wedding itself should be magnificent — how can it not be given how beloved these two characters are? Yet, there could also be some other big stuff that happens around it. Weddings are one of those instances where people start to make big realizations about their lives, and this could be something that we see across the board. Could Conrad realize he has feelings for Billie, even though he is currently with Cade? We wouldn’t rule that (or really anything) out.

Of course, executive producer Andrew Chapman can’t give too much away about this wedding as of yet, but he did have this fascinating tease to share recently to TV Insider:

…I will say that the wedding episode, which is Episode 6, is gonna be momentous. It’ll be worth tuning into. Things will arise and moments will happen that are gonna be nice and fun for the audience.

If something more does come about with Conrad and Billie, that could prove interesting on many levels. They both have a history with Nic, and then Conrad has to figure out what to do with Cade. What’s important is to not make this into some overdramatic love triangle. We’d also want Cade to find happiness on the other side, just as we’d hope for Billie if nothing ever happens with her and Matt Czuchry’s character.

For now, let’s just be happy the wedding is coming soon and we’ve got a lot to look forward to!

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