Movies to Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding!

Here comes the bride! Whether you’re having a big white wedding or an intimate ceremony, watch these movies for great stories and inspiration.

Jumping The Broom

Jumping The Broom is a dramedy featuring two very different families who have never met but come together for a spontaneous wedding between the couple, Sabrina and Jason. After a tumultuous wedding weekend, the end of this movie shows that you should be open-minded about traditions at your wedding. If one family loves a tradition and the other isn’t for it, see if you can find a compromise that makes everyone happy!

“Jumping The Broom” was an emotional movie. I loved it. Families can be messy. I hit the jackpot with my inlaws. They are the very best!! No drama and all love.

— Osaretin Victor Asemota (@asemota) May 21, 2022

27 Dresses

Jane is always a bridesmaid and never a bride; in fact, she’s been a bridesmaid 27 times. A cynical journalist takes interest in her story while she deals with her sister falling in love with her boss. In an iconic scene, Jane shows off all 27 of her bridesmaid dresses. If 27 Dresses teaches you anything about your wedding, make sure your bridesmaid dresses flatter all of your bridesmaids to pull off a stunning wedding party photograph!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula Portokalos falls in love with the kind schoolteacher Ian Miller, who is most definitely not the “nice Greek boy” her father wants her to settle down with. To her, the main problem with their wedding is her large, loud, loving, protective, sometimes intrusive Greek family. While this movie has so many lessons, such as a spritz of Windex being the cure-all to any ailment, My Big Fat Greek Wedding shows that large families are a part of who you are, especially at your wedding. If you have a large family, maybe that embarrassing aunt or quirky cousin goofs off too much, don’t take the day so seriously. If your fiancé embraces you for who you are, they should embrace your family’s weird quirks too!

The Proposal

Successful publishing executive Margaret Tate is facing deportation back to her home country of Canada. She pushes her assistant Andrew Paxton into marrying her so that she can stay in New York at her job, but an immigration agent doesn’t find their story believable. In an attempt to save face, the couple visits Andrew’s family in Alaska. Although the wedding in Alaska does not go as planned, the arch of lights that Margaret walks through down the aisle and all of the warm bright lanterns add an element of natural beauty to the wedding. Get creative and incorporate decor beyond flowers on your dream day!

Crazy Rich Asians

NYU professor Rachel Chu and her boyfriend Nick Young travel to Singapore to spend time with Nick’s family and attend his best friend’s wedding. Rachel learns that Nick’s family is “crazy rich” to the level of near-royalty, and she must navigate winning over their favor as an outsider. This rom-com is touching with amazing acting, costume design, set design, and more. The wedding scene is beyond gorgeous, it is absolutely wedding goals! Even if you can’t go all out Crazy Rich Asians style, treat yourself on your wedding day! You and your fiancé deserve all the special things in the world to celebrate your love, even if it is something small yet meaningful to both of you.


Annie, a failed bakery owner who works at a jewelry store, is asked to be the maid of honor at her friend Lillian’s wedding. As maid of honor, Annie meets Lillian’s other bridesmaids: Rita, Becca, Megan, and the wealthy and patronizing Helen, who becomes Annie’s rival throughout the movie. Bridesmaids champions friendship overall, demonstrating that even in a relationship you still need friends by your side. For your wedding, cherish the day not only with your new spouse but also with your wedding party!

Congratulations to all future spouses, and good luck planning your perfect wedding day!