Muireann O’Connell Left Red-Faced After Wedding Dress Joke

Muireann O’Connell was left red-faced after she joked that a fashion designer on Ireland AM can ‘make her wedding dress.’

Muireann is currently engaged to Philip Manzor, revealing her engagement to her then-‘housemate’ back in November to her Ireland AM co-hosts Tommy Bowe and Alan Hughes.

During Tuesday’s episode of the morning panel show, Tommy was interviewing Monaghan-based fashion designer Natalie B Coleman — whose clientele include Mary J Blige, Laura Whitmore and girl band Little Mix.

After the interview between the pair and they went back to the studio, Muireann casually said ‘ask Natalie if she’ll do my wedding dress there,’ — which shocked her co-host Alan Hughes who proceeded to stare as it looked like she spilled the beans on her upcoming nuptuals.

Muireann immediately backtracked, frantically saying ‘I’m joking! I’m joking, I’m joking,’ — Alan didn’t care and pretended that his co-host just revealed that her wedding is coming up, replying ‘live on air, when’s the wedding?’

Muireann remained tight-lipped on the possible plans, saying ‘I’m not getting married, come on, I’m joking… why did I say that? I’m not getting married.’

Muireann O’Connell was left red-faced after she joked that a fashion designer on Ireland AM can ‘make her wedding dress.’ Pic: Virgin Media Television

Alan continued to rib Muireann, saying ‘Muireann O’Connell wants a wedding dress, you heard it here first!’ and asking when the wedding will be.

Muireann proceeded to sheepishly segue into the show’s next segment, saying ‘we’ll be back after this break — not getting married. Not getting married. Not getting married.’

Muireann announced her engagement while on the Ireland AM set in November, posting a photo of herself, Tommy and Alan on the set. Muireann held her hand up to reveal a sparkling engagement ring, joking that Tommy and Alan spotting the ring and proceeding to announce the engagement was ‘exactly’ how she wanted the news to get out.

Muireann O'ConnellMuireann, who is engaged, insisted that she was joking, and she’s not getting married any time soon. Pic: Virgin Media Television

‘Just how I wanted it to happen; @tommybowe & @alanhughestv announcing my engagement to the world after they finally spotted the ring,’ Muireann wrote on Instagram.

Fans and colleagues alike congratulated the Limerick native, including The Saturdays’ singer Una Healy and fellow TV star James Patrice.

Elsewhere, Muireann left her Instagram followers in stitches over asking ‘what things makes you want to kill your partner’ on her Instagram story last weekend.