Mum left fuming after brother invites dogs to his wedding

A woman expressed her shock online after she discovered that her dogs would be invited to a wedding – but her baby was not.

The Midlands mum was shocked to learn that her brother-in law invited her guests to bring their dogs to their wedding. However, her 7-month-old nephew was not invited.

Mumsnet reported that the woman complained on Mumsnet that her infant son was too young for being left with a babysitter, as he needed to be breastfed.

Since the wedding was on the south coast, the woman would have to travel and stay there for three days as she didn’t have a car, Birmingham Live reports.

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She explained in the post: “My BIL is marrying his fiancee in December, and we received the invitation to their wedding last week. For some background information, we were not on speaking terms with my in-laws for a couple of years for various reasons, until we announced that we were expecting our first child (their first grandchild and nephew), who arrived in April.

“Since then we have all made effort and met a few times, and all has seemed pleasant. They would have known that DS was 7 months old when they got married in December. This makes it difficult for them to be apart of us for three days as we live in the Midlands, and have no car.

“We were therefore very surprised (and disappointed) when our son was not included on the invitation, and their event website confirmed that children are not invited, yet they have said that guests are welcome to bring their dogs!

Mum left fuming after brother invites dogs to his wedding - but bans her baby

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“My husband wrote to his brother, explaining that DS would be too young to be apart from us for the three days (and that he will still be breastfed), but he replied by reiterating that children were not invited (including his own nephew). To say we are stunned is an understatement, to say that dogs are welcome but he is own nephew isn’t!

“Now we have two options. We can either decline to attend or talk to my PIL. AIBU thinks my BIL is unfair and my fiancee are unfair for not allowing her nephew to attend. I am generally against child-free weddings on principle, but to say dogs are welcome when close family children are not is taking the p***?”

While many people were sympathetic with her plight, they said it was the couple’s big day so they could do what they want.

WandaVision2 said: “Accept the invitation. It’s their wedding and they’re entitled to say no children.”

LST wrote: “It is up to the couple. You can choose to let your dog go. It is their decision to let the dogs go.”

AnneLovesGilbert added: “You can decline. Evidently. They expect you to take care of a baby with a young man for three days while they indulge in their fantasy insta-wedding.

“I imagine they’re hoping you won’t go, which makes it easier to not go. Don’t involve the PIL, it’s not their wedding and the couple have been clear.”