My brother wants to propose at MY wedding

A GROOM-TO-BE was left enraged by his brother’s request to propose to his girlfriend on his wedding day.

The man took to Reddit to complain about his family’s response to his brother’s request, explaining that his entire family was in on the idea.


He was enraged that his brother wanted to propose on his wedding day and that his family thought it was a good ideaCredit: Alamy

The 27-year-old said: “I’ll start this off by saying my wedding is scheduled for April because my fiancée, 25F has always dreamed of a spring wedding. And I really like the idea too.”

He explained that his family asked him to come over last week for a chat but they did not want to tell him what it was about until he got there.

The family sat him down and his older brother told him he wanted to use his younger brother’s wedding as the ‘perfect day to propose’ to his girlfriend.

Well, the groom-to-be was enraged and told the family under no circumstances would he let that happen, but his family doubled down.

“I ended up so enraged to the point that I, one man, somehow backed all three of them into a corner. “

I told them that if they want to do this, then not only will they all be uninvited, but I’ll also cut off the financial support I’ve been giving monthly since they paid to have my golden child brother go through college by taking out a second mortgage” The man wrote.

The man left his parent’s home without saying another word, but his brother turned up at his doorstep the next day begging him to let him propose.

“My brother came to my home the next day to yell at me that I ruined his big chance because now our parents are siding with me and say they’ll evict him if he tries to propose at my wedding.

“He said I was financially blackmailing our parents, and that he just wanted a good chance to propose because he was afraid his girlfriend might leave him soon.” He added.

He told his older brother that it was not his problem and that his wedding day would be about him, he also said: “If he tries to propose at my wedding, I WILL have him thrown out.

“That’s not a maybe, but a definite.

“And I doubt his girlfriend would appreciate her proposal followed up with being tossed out by a bouncer.”

The anonymous poster added that his brother then called their grandma in an attempt to get her to persuade the groom-to-be to let him propose at the wedding.

This only infuriated him more, to the point where he made his grandma cry down the phone, although he does feel bad about this, he explained his brother had always been the favourite and that he had enough.

His fiancée also knows about his brother’s plans and wants to uninvite him from the wedding.

In response to the post, the majority of people did not think the man was in the wrong.

One user wrote: “Un-invite your brother’s girlfriend from the wedding to make sure this never happens in your wedding.”

“After the warning you gave him the first time I’d have immediately rescinded your brother’s invite. Don’t risk him ruining your and your partner’s special day. You communicated that he should not pursue the matter and he did.” Replied another person.

A third person said: “Someone else’s wedding IS NOT the appropriate venue to propose. This is the bride and groom’s day and doing anything to take away from that is about the lowest thing someone can do.”

Many people said he should uninvite his brother from the wedding before he gets the chance to try it


Many people said he should uninvite his brother from the wedding before he gets the chance to try itCredit: Getty

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