My Cheap Wedding at the Kennewick Public Library Was Awesome

I’m celebrating seven years of marital bliss with my amazing wife. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed already but considering how much the world has changed since 2015, it certainly has been a while.

You often hear people talk about their dream wedding; maybe it’s a destination wedding in Hawaii, a wedding at a vineyard estate, or even Moore Mansion in Pasco. My wife and I always wanted something that was both beautiful and affordable. We were able to pull it off. Here’s what we did.

You can rent the Highland Grange Park in Kennewick, which is where the Mid-Columbia Library Union branch is. Chairs and food are not included but having a venue is half the battle and this one was very inexpensive.

The roses are beautiful and made a great backdrop for our wedding. It was spacious enough for us and we had a moderately sized guest list. Included was the use of the Grange building, which we used as a reception area.

We always felt that we didn’t need to go for a wildly expensive and exotic wedding and opted to go with a simpler wedding we were able to fund by ourselves. I know of many people, some who have since divorced, who are still paying off their wedding. I’d much rather go into debt for a vacation. Seven years later, I still believe my wedding was perfect and it’s so wonderful that I can still take my children to the beautiful rose garden by the library and tell them all about that magical day.

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