My ex-friend’s wedding invitation came with a $150 bill for the meal – that was far from the worst demand

CHARGING guests per plate at a wedding? So tacky.

But one Reddit user was blown away to get a wedding invitation with not just a food charge but a much bigger and more horrifying demand.


A Reddit user shared their disappointment over receiving a bill for a future wedding in the invitationCredit: Getty

Reddit user u/shades0fcool shared how inappropriate they thought it was to receive a large bill in the wedding invitation — and worse, from someone they’d fallen out of friendship with.

They hadn’t seen the estranged friend in over two years, after the bride cut off contact with her single friends in preference of her married or engaged ones.

“I get an email today that I thought was spam. Turns out it was a wedding invitation, not personally from her, but from her coordinator inviting me to their wedding,” the poster wrote in the post.

The most shocking part was that at the bottom of the invite was a bill for $400 to pay for the venue, plus $150 for the meal.

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The Reddit user explained that this wedding wasn’t a big event, and they could understand if it was a large occasion.

Only 20 people in total were invited to the wedding, as far as they knew, and all of the emails of those invited were visible in the “sent to” bar.

“So I guess she’s pretty much only inviting me to help pay a cost,” the user shared. ” I would never have the balls to do that to someone especially after telling them we can’t be friends ’cause you’re engaged and can’t have single friends.”

After declining the initial invite from the bride’s coordinator, she messaged asking why the user declined, annoying them further.

The Reddit user had one final message to state at the end of the post.

“I now know what they mean when they say ‘weddings bring out the worst in people’,” they wrote.

The post racked up over 1,000 comments in the three days it was added to the social site.

Many people think that the bride intentionally reached out to help finance the wedding.

“The fact that OP didn’t receive a paper invite makes me think she is on the “B” or “C” list and the bride is desperate because everyone else has declined her outrageous request,” one user commented.

“Or the first, wealthy group has already been fleeced, and now it’s the blue-collar group. Keep your $$$….Send regrets and skip it,” another added.

“Either that or OP is part of the second/third/fourth wave of invites after the bridezilla got a rash of “Oh Hell No Thank You”s from her first choice guests,” another wrote.

Many Reddit users think that the bride invited certain people for financial reasons


Many Reddit users think that the bride invited certain people for financial reasonsCredit: Getty