My fiance ghosted me on our wedding day after my sister shared a saucy video from my hen do

A BRIDE was left devastated when her groom ghosted her on her just hours before they were due to get married.

A friend of the couple shared the story on Twitter, revealing that the groom had abandoned ship after he was sent a saucy video from the bride’s hen do.


A bride was left devastated when her fiance ghosted her on the day of their weddingCredit: Getty – Contributor

She wrote: “Dam man ghosted his fiancé on their wedding day cuz she had a bachelorette party and a video was sent to him from her sister of the male stripper having chocolate drip off his private part into her mouth lol. (sic)”

The wedding guest later shared more details, explaining that the sister had been seeking revenge after being demoted in the wedding that was due to take place on Valentine’s Day.

She explained: “Sister was lame af for that she was tryna get revenge cuz her sister down graded her from a matron of honor to a bridesmaid lol… (sic).”

Her tweets have since gone viral amassing over 40,000 likes and thousands of responses, with many divided over who was in the wrong.

One responded: “The right thing would’ve been telling her sister not to do it instead of watching, recording, and THEN sending it to her fiancé.”

“That sister was either jealous or wanted the man!” agreed another, while a third added, “She was wrong as hell but her sister was wrongER. Yikes”

But others agreed that the sister had done the right thing.

One commented: “Nah her sister did the right thing.”

Another agreed: “She could just have integrity and didn’t want this man to be hurt knowing he aint deserve it.”

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