‘My fiancé returned my wedding dress without asking me – he says I should rent’

A bride-to-be claims she ‘freaked out’ after realising her wedding gown was missing from her closet – only to realise that her fiancé had returned it without her permission

She was frantic after her dress went missing, then realised her fiancé had returned it (Stock Photo)

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Many brides will have dreamt of how they’ll look on their wedding day long before their engagement.

This was certainly the case for one woman, who has longed for a beautiful wedding dress to call her own since she was a young girl.

She can afford to buy the sort of dress she’s always wanted, but her husband-to-be isn’t happy about it, telling her that she shouldn’t ‘waste a couple of thousand on a dress I’m only going to wear once.’

Although she sees his point, she also notes that this is a pretty typical price for a wedding dress nowadays, and doesn’t mind splashing out given that her special day will be ‘a once in a lifetime thing.’

Against her fiancé’s wish that she rent a dress instead, she bought the dress she’d set her heart on, thinking this was the end of the matter. However, she didn’t bank on him going as far as to return the gown behind her back.

Her husband wanted her to rent a dress instead (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the furious bride recalled how, just one day after she’d purchased her dress, she realised it was missing from her wardrobe.

She wrote: “I freaked out but he told me he returned it and got the money back. I was shocked I asked him why he did that and he said he thought the dress was ridiculously expensive and that was wasting money and again suggested I go rent one.”

At this point, she “blew up” at him, with her rage causing him to take a few steps back. She told him he had no right to return her dress without her permission, especially given that she was the one paying for it.

The anonymous woman, who goes by the username u/Sealine5033, continued: “He got upset and said that there’s no ‘I’m paying for it myself’ in marriage and that my attitude is setting the tone for what type of dynamic we’ll have in our marriage.

“He kept on about how I must expect him to pay for everything while I keep ‘my money’ or spend it irresponsibly, but I never tell him how to spend his money.”

He is now withholding her money until they ‘reach an agreement’ (Stock Photo)


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She told him he had no say in what she spends her money on, to which he snapped she should ‘grow the f*** up and stop with the dream wedding dress clichè.’

Her husband-to-be, who apparently also takes issue with her treating herself to make-up and hair extensions, then “stormed off” to call his mother, who appears to take his side on the matter completely.

The frustrated woman has now asked fellow Reddit users whether her fiancé and future mother-in-law are right to tell her she should rent a frock, or whether she should stand her ground.

She went on to clarify that he still has the money, and says he’ll give it back once they work out a solution. This aspect of the story in particular has raised a major red flag for some.

One person said: “’Once we reach an agreement’ means ‘once you agree to his demands’. If you marry this guy, it won’t just be the wedding dress.

“It’ll be cute outfits, jewelry, and makeup. Items for your hobbies. Monitoring your credit card and bank history and telling you that you spend too much money going out with friends.

“Do what you want but you’ll be signing up to be controlled and financially abused if you go ahead with marrying him.”

Another advised: “Please rethink this marriage. He is showing you that if you do not agree with his decisions he is willing to go behind your back, he is telling you that he is ultimately right and treating you like a child. Save yourself years of pain and expensive divorce.”

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