My husband peed on my dress on our wedding day

A BRIDE has shared her horror after her husband peed on her wedding dress just hours after they got married.

Taking to Reddit, the newlywed claimed that the groom had deliberately defaced her dress and said it was ‘no big deal.’


A bride was left devastated when her husband peed on her wedding dressCredit: Getty

She wrote: “I still have no idea wtf is going on in his head to think that this was ‘nothing’ or ‘no big deal’, He literally peed on my wedding dress the night of our wedding, INSIDE the hotel room. 

“I yelled at him WTF constantly and he nonchalantly said that he was just ‘marking his territory’ and went on about how he’s been wanting to do this when he gets married and that he didn’t tell me because he was positively 100% sure I’d get mad at him but he said it’s worth it since he got to do it. 

“I couldn’t believe it but he assured me that pee washes off easily and I shouldn’t worry but I was just so mad and disgusted by what he’s done.”

The bride went on to explain that any hopes of an intimate end to their wedding had been dashed and that she’d even slept in a separate bed to him that night.

Understandably, fellow Redditors were equally horrified, sharing their outrage in the comments.

One wrote: “Not too late to get an annulment.”

Another agreed, adding: “Find that marriage licence and burn it before it gets filed. Jesus Christ. That is f***ed up.”

“What the f*** did you marry, that is not a gentleman,” said a third.

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