‘My husband’s ex wore suspenders and short dress to our wedding – she soon regretted it’

A loved-up couple decided to amicably invite the groom’s ex to their wedding day, only for her to rock up in a rather revealing outfit so the bride got ‘petty revenge’

The groom’s ex turned up in a raunchy outfit (stock photo)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Planning a wedding is an incredibly stressful affair, as each bride and groom want every small detail of their big day to be utterly perfect.

Amongst all the finer details like floral colour schemes or the wine you want with dinner, the biggest headache arrives when the lucky couple have to grapple with the guestlist – as heated feuds can unravel over those all-important invites.

Wedding spats often happen when the bride and groom have to stick to a tight headcount for their big day, as friends and family end up feeling left out. But that’s not the only source of contention, as the guests who do rock up to the wedding can cause equal amounts of drama if there’s history between them and the couple.

The bride was baffled by her husband-to-be’s ex’s outfit (stock photo)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

One loved-up pair decided to invite the groom’s ex partner to their wedding, in a bid to maintain a healthy relationship with her as the groom and her have children. Their kind gesture quickly backfired, as the whole wedding party were baffled to see the groom’s ex rock up to the venue in stockings and suspenders, which were visible thanks to a scandalously short dress.

Taking to Reddit to share her wedding nightmare, the bride, who remains anonymous, explained: “My husband has a child with his ex, so sees her quite often for things related to my step kid. We were always planning on inviting her to the wedding to see their kid all dressed up and to generally keep a good coparenting relationship.

“Before we had invited her, she informed DH that she’d be there, and asked when and where it was. He was a little taken aback but as we were planning on inviting her anyway he just told her.”

After brazenly inviting herself to her ex’s wedding, the woman then made a serious statement with her eye-opening outfit, as the bride continued: “On the day, she showed up to our morning ceremony wearing the shortest dress I’ve ever seen, over stockings and suspenders (the suspenders could be seen for a good 6 inches before the bottom of the dress), skyscraper heels, nightclub makeup, and costume jewellery. My father actually pulled me aside to ask ‘who hired a stripper?!'”