‘My mom insists on inviting 140 more guests to my wedding and I barely know them’

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  • Parents love inviting their friends, colleagues and family members to their children’s celebratory events.
  • However, it’s usually three or four people, unlike one mother who wanted to invite more than 100 extra people to her daughter’s wedding.
  • The bride-to-be put her foot down and refused but her family is saying she should go to Vegas instead.

Let’s be honest, what is a wedding without parents inviting three or four people from their workplaces. After-all they are also hosting an event and it would look weird if they didn’t invite their friends as well.

However, one mother is planning on inviting over a hundred guests and some are unknown to the bride.

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Taking to Reddit, the bride starts off by letting users of the platform know that she’s getting married in April 2023 and she and her fiancé are about to send out their invitations.

“I asked my mom for a list of family and a few friends she would like to invite,” she says. She continues to add that she and her fiancé already have a list of 135 people.

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“My mom comes back with an additional 61 family members to invite and 80 of her friends. Our venue has a maximum of 200 people, but we wanted to keep it under 150 for both of us… we only want people we both know,” she adds.



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She then told her mother that they would not be inviting all those people and that she only has 20 spots to fill and not more than that. “She and my dad threw a huge fit and told me if I was going to be like this I should just get married in Vega without anyone there,” shared the bride.

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Her parents tried to guilt trip her by saying that she is hurting the uninvited family members’ feelings and will never be able to repair the relationship.

“I’ve talked to my extended family maybe three times in my life. There is no relationship,” explained the bride.

Users of the platform went to the comment section to support the bride-to-be with one saying, “Tell her she can’t use your wedding as a free party to invite her friends to. She needs to plan and pay for her own party.”

Another added, “This is your wedding, not your mother’s. Invite people who will bring you joy.”

Sources: Reddit