My mom pressured me to get my wedding cake made by her friend – people are horrified by the resulting ‘monstrosity’

A Reddit user has shared the awkward position she was put in after her mother’s friend offered to make her wedding cake, and the result was less than ideal.

The woman shared a photo of the potential wedding cake – and Reddit users were left in shock by the image.


A Reddit user shared an image of the trial run of her wedding cake (Stock image)

“My mum pressured me to get my cake made by her friend, who is apparently a professional baker,” the bride-to-be explained.

Sharing a picture of the trial cake, the Reddit user said: “Suffice to say it’s not what I ordered.”

The photograph shows a two-tiered cake, frosted with a thin patchy layer of icing.

The sponge of the cake can be easily seen beneath the spread of frosting.

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“The worst thing is my mum thinks this is fine, she just says we’ll chuck some flowers on it and it’ll look great,” the Reddit user said in the comments section.

In a follow up post, the bride detailed how she had to pay $500 for a last minute cake after her experience with her “mum’s delusional baking friend and her crumbling atrocity.”

Reddit users took to the comments section of the original post to share their thoughts on the trial cake.

“What in fresh baking hell is this! Thank God you got the trial so that you didn’t get three tiers of whatever this is on your wedding day,” said one reader.

Another person wrote: “This appears to be boxed cake with some warm Cool Whip thinly slathered on.

“I created a similar masterpiece for Mother’s Day 1996 when I was nine.”

“It’s not quite a naked cake, and it’s not quite an iced cake. What kind of hybrid monstrosity is this?!?” said a third user.

“Run, don’t walk, to your nearest bakery and order a wedding cake because this…this ain’t it.

The Reddit user's family friend sent her a trial image of the wedding cake she made


The Reddit user’s family friend sent her a trial image of the wedding cake she madeCredit: Reddit
Wedding cakes are a focal part of most weddings


Wedding cakes are a focal part of most weddingsCredit: Alamy