My mum wants to wear a bridal dress to MY wedding, now she’s giving me the silent treatment because I said no

YOUR wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life.

But one groom was furious when his mum decided that she wanted to wear a bridal dress to his wedding.


The groom shared a picture of the dress his mum was desperate to wearCredit: Reddit

The groom shared a picture of the dress his mum wanted to wear on Reddit.

He caption the post: “Had to tell mom she can’t wear this to my wedding – have gotten silent treatment since.”

The floor length dress is unmistakably a wedding gown, with a white lace body and layered skirt section, it’s easy to see why the groom was so annoyed with his mum.

Although she did wear a different dress in the end, she didn’t go down without a fight and still holds a grudge because she couldn’t wear the white gown.

“We are going on four months of silent treatment, one month prior to wedding, three months after,” the groom admitted.

The mum didn’t make much of an effort to enjoy the celebrations when the wedding did roll around either.

“She chose a new dress, sulked at my wedding and didn’t say hi to my wife, positioned herself as a victim of some grand injustice,” the groom wrote.

Fellow Reddit users were amazed that she wanted to wear the dress in the first place.

“It’s not just white, it’s a f***ing wedding dress,” one person quipped.

A second wrote: “Hate to say but it’s your win and Mom’s loss.

“Three months of silence over this? Let her stew, she’s earned it.”

A third slammed: “Alright….. regardless of it being white that’s the most hideous dress I’ve ever seen.”

Meanwhile, some people thought the groom should’ve just let his mum wear the dress and make a fool out of herself.

But he said he put his foot down on his wife’s behalf.

“I wasn’t going to ask my wife to put in the effort to summon her “best behaviour” on her own wedding day to get revenge.

“For me it was important to allow my wife to enjoy her wedding,” he said.