My wedding planner spent the night drinking & dancing with guests – but the worst part is what she did in the photobooth

A BRIDE shared a horror story of the wedding coordinator that almost ruined her wedding, including scandalous behavior that happened inside the photo booth.

The bride posted anonymously, under the name @Eyelashexplorer, to a wedding forum about her disastrous big day.


A bride shared her horror story of the wedding planner that almost ruined her big dayCredit: Getty

She had decided to have a backyard wedding, and upon her mom’s recommendation, hired the wedding planner to set up the decor inside the wedding tent, flowers, cake, and the aisle.

The coordinator, however, failed to carry out almost everything she was asked of.

“She was by herself trying to set up everything the day of, she requested our help (my family, groom’s mom, and me, the bride),” she said.

“My husband stayed one hour before the ceremony to help set everything up, I stayed until two hours before,” she continued.

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“We weren’t supposed to do anything the day of because we hired her expecting to take care of things.”

Not only did the planner require help to get things set up, but she also failed to deliver on the flowers and a decorated wedding arch.

Things only continued to go downhill from there.

“She provided servers, but one was caught stealing food and party favors,” the bride lamented.

“The cake/ cupcakes, half were lost because she placed the green wall next to the cake table that got knocked down.”

Worst of all, the bride caught the planner in the act of behaving extremely unprofessionally.

“A lot of our guests saw that she was drinking and dancing with guests, she wasn’t directing the timeline and did not communicate with the DJ,” she said.

“Then, we start seeing pictures (at a photo booth) that she made out with one of the groomsmen —our wedding coordinator is married.”

Not only was the wedding planner dancing and drinking with the guests, but she was also caught kissing one of the groomsmen


Not only was the wedding planner dancing and drinking with the guests, but she was also caught kissing one of the groomsmenCredit: Getty

The bride revealed that she paid the coordinator $5,000 for her services but after the disastrous experience, had asked for half of the money back.

The coordinator did not respond to the request.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the situation.

“$5k for that ‘service’ is robbery, I would leave negative reviews for her on every site I could find,” said one commenter.

Others thought she needed to take action at a higher level.

“People on here saying she needs to leave bad reviews are not serious. you need to take this fool to court!” said another.

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A few went for a simpler, more direct route.

“I’d send her husband the pics,” suggested a third.