My weekend with faux florist Sharon McVeagh of Innocent Chaos

The best time to get up at the weekend is?

h, I do love a cheeky lie-in on a Saturday if I am not in the studio meeting brides-to-be and planning wedding flowers. I am usually up and about by about 9am walking the dog or making a strong cup of tea.

Breakfast or brunch?

I love a good breakfast to set me up for the day. I can’t function without some runny eggs and a mug of Earl Grey tea.

What do you prefer at the weekend and what would you eat?

I love to eat my way through the fridge. Usually, I would start with an Earl Grey tea, some toasted sourdough, avocado, rocket, sausages and two runny poached eggs on top — has to be runny. With a very busy studio Monday to Friday, on weekends I really love to spend time with my husband (I am still getting used to that word as we only just got married in December 2021), family and friends.

What does an ideal Saturday look like?

I am sure that my answer as a 20-something-year-old would be very different but my 30-something-year-old’s ideal Saturday would be a lazy morning with a little bit of a lie in, then to the kitchen to grab my avocado toast and eggs, then head out to the garden to tackle whatever mucky jobs that need done..

After that I would head to see friends for a bit of lunch, then home to walk Tilly our dog. In the evenings, I would light the fire, have a cheeky glass of red and make dinner with Gary. We love to cook together, so kitchen dancing and making something with a heavy amount of garlic and likely chillies is involved.

What would your perfect Sunday be like?

On a Sunday, I like to do things at a slower pace. We love to get a cuppa in bed, then take Tilly out somewhere for a big walk, then visit family for a big Sunday roast in front of the fire. There always has to be a fire for added cosiness. Then it’s a cuppa on the sofa and a good movie. I try to take time on a Sunday to set my intention for the week ahead and rest up for another productive Monday.

Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors?

At the weekends I like to get outdoors and spend time out in the garden and do as many walks as possible. I take a lot of inspiration for my floristry business from nature, so it’s really important for me to get outside and see the seasons changing. If we are heading for a walk we love to go to the beach, Helen’s Bay is a firm favourite or we also love Lady Dixon Park, Cavehill, The Giant’s Ring or head up the North Coast somewhere.

How have weekends changed as you have gotten older?

My weekends have changed a lot since my twenties. I used to love going to Club On in McCracken’s on a Saturday night or Sky/Milk/Beach Club etc. Nowadays I love to go for dinner and then probably for a few in the Duke of York or the Spaniard.

If you could eat out anywhere tonight in NI, where would you go and why?

Probably Coppi. I love their relaxed vibe and delicious food. If I can’t get a booking there, then it’s Lottie in Ballyhackamore. The food is so good.

What would you have?

In Coppi I would usually go for the gnocchi or a pasta dish. All their food is so good, I would eat anything there.

At weekends you’ll always make time to…

See friends and family, be outdoors and eat everything in sight.

Do you some times work on weekends? 

I work one Saturday a month in our floristry studio meeting brides-to-be and discuss their wedding flowers. With a busy diary Monday to Friday, I have to limit working to many evenings and weekends as it is so important to have a good work life balance — one Saturday per month suits me perfectly.

Who would you most like to go for a drink with and why?

I would just love to go for a drink with my granny Iris. She is the most adorable, kind-hearted and chatty person I know, so I couldn’t think of anyone that I would rather go for a drink with.

Are you a weekend cook?

Absolutely! Saturday night and Sunday afternoon I get my cooking game on. I pop something juicy onto my iPad to watch, pour a glass of red (usually a merlot) and cook for hours. My husband and I like to pick a theme and run with it. Usually it is Italian, Spanish or Mexican. We are just back from our honeymoon in Mexico, so I am looking forward to trying out some new recipes this weekend. Fish tacos I think are on the menu.

What’s your dream Sunday dinner?

My dream Sunday dinner would be at my parent’s house, in front of the log burner, glass of red, roast chicken, mashed potatoes, lashings of gravy, heaps of veg, Yorkshire puddings and of course the all-important homemade stuffing. My mum is a fantastic cook.

Who do you normally eat Sunday dinner with and where?

Usually with Gary and our parents at either of our houses. As long as there is a good Sunday dinner and a cosy spot I don’t mind where we are.

Too tired to cook – what are you ordering from the takeaway?

My favourite takeaway would have to be a Kamakura one. We usually order our bodyweight in sushi and then some kind of noodle dish to follow.

Heading for the cinema? What are you going to see?

I do love a good action or crime movie in the cinema. I love anything with Denzel Washington in it. The man can do no wrong on the big screen.

Staying in… what TV/streaming/catch-up programmes are on the menu?

Anyone that knows me knows that I watch a bit of everything. I like to watch my iPad when I am in the studio. It helps me focus my mind for some reason. I especially love true crime, with juicy psychological twists and turns.

What are you reading?

I have just finished The Things We Left Unsaid by Emma Kennedy. I absolutely loved it. A book about family, love and grief. It was a lovely easy read, a perfect choice to read on the sun lounger whilst on our honeymoon.

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