Natalie Reportedly Warned Shayne That She Wouldn’t Marry Him

Love Is Blind Season 2 fan-favorite Natalie Lee fell in love with Shayne Jansen but rejected his hand in marriage. Even though he seemed shocked at the moment, Natalie revealed she gave him a “heads up.”

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Natalie Lee rejected Shayne Jansen at the altar during ‘Love Is Blind’

During the engaged couples’ getaway in Mexico, many viewers believed in Shayne Jansen, 32, and Natalie Lee’s, 29, relationship, initially pegging them as one of the only couples to get married.

However, the night before the wedding, the once-solid couple had a huge fight in which Shayne reportedly told his fianceé that he “hated” her and called her the “worst thing” that’s happened to him. Crushed by those words and realizing the two had issues to work out before they tied the knot, Natalie rejected his hand in marriage at the altar.

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After he agreed to marry her, “a thousand times over,” referring to her as his “best friend.” While she admitted she fell in love with him and pointed out how much she’s “grown” due to their relationship, the 29-year-old said she couldn’t marry him that day.

A shocked Shayne didn’t know what to say, and Natalie quietly reassured him of her feelings before pointing out that they “have really big issues to sort through.” Although he seemed to understand initially, the two got into an argument outside, still rehashing their hurtful exchange from the night before. Speaking to the camera, Natalie admitted she likely would’ve married Shayne had that fight not happened. 

Natalie said she warned Shayne she would say no before the wedding

While Shayne seemed surprised by her answer, Natalie revealed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that she already gave him a “heads-up” that she would say “no.”

However, she doesn’t believe he faked his reaction, instead explained she thinks he thought she would change her mind at some point before the wedding. “But I was very transparent; it was going to be a no,” she revealed.

When a conversation between Shayne and Natalie about their final fight led to Natalie in tears — and Shayne suggested that Natalie was pinning all of the blame onto him.

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Even though she had no intentions of marrying Shayne, the 29-year-old still donned a wedding dress and walked down the aisle, escorted by her father. In the show, she said walking with her father affirmed her decision to reject Shayne because he didn’t make her feel safe like her dad does.

Also, in the interview, Natalie claimed the producers of the Netflix dating series didn’t make them go through the wedding. However, she decided to go through it because they had friends and family flying in for the ceremony. Once she made up her mind, the consulting manager noted people were already arriving, so she walked down the aisle anyway. 

Natalie also revealed why rekindled romance with Shayne didn’t work

After their failed wedding, Natalie made it clear she wanted to continue dating Shayne as she was still in love with him. Even though he initially claimed he had no interest, the two attempted a relationship following the show.

However, they revealed that it didn’t work out at the reunion, mainly due to their inability to get over comments made during that fight. Speaking to the LA Times, Natalie gave a little more insight, admitting his “gaslighting” during their disagreements also played a role.

Shayne and Shaina forged a deep connection in the pods but they each got engaged to someone else. Now they come face to face for the first time.

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She explained she realized their arguments and conversations aren’t “healthy,” adding she believes Shayne is a “reactive” person when he gets emotional.

Because she tends to “de-escalate” as her first reaction, Natalie felt it led to “unhealthy situations,” ultimately presumably ending their romance for good. In a lengthy Instagram caption, Shayne noted he would “always love” his fianceé and is “remorseful” for how he behaved. Love Is Blind is streaming on Netflix.

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