Neighbours’ Gemma and Harlow spark wedding trouble for Roxy

Neighbours spoilers follow for UK and Australian viewers.

Neighbours’ Roxy Willis will face trouble in the run-up to her wedding, as she faces drama from both her mum Gemma Willis and her friend Harlow Robinson.

As Roxy’s wedding to Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) approaches, her mum Gemma (Beth Buchanan) makes a return to Erinsborough but it soon becomes clear that Roxy (Zima Anderson) won’t be getting the support from Gemma that she might have hoped for.

In scenes airing next week, Roxy will be deeply hurt when she finds out that Gemma doesn’t support her upcoming wedding.

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Upset, Roxy shuts Gemma out of her planned wedding dress shopping trip, choosing to take only Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) with her.

Meanwhile, Kyle’s grandmother Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) warns Gemma that if she doesn’t show support to Roxy, she risks losing her daughter.

Later on, as Roxy celebrates with her bridal party, she is confronted by Harlow (Jemma Donovan), who is furious after learning that Roxy hasn’t asked her to be a bridesmaid. While Harlow lets rip at Roxy, Roxy refuses to take her anger lying down and she confronts Harlow for her recent distant behaviour and lack of empathy.

David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) urges Harlow to try to make amends with Roxy but when Harlow tries to offer her an apology, she has no luck.

harlow robinson and terese willis in neighbours

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Although David encourages her to keep trying, Harlow is convinced that neither Roxy or Mackenzie want her to be involved in the wedding. Could this prompt more worrying behaviour from Harlow?

With Roxy and Mackenzie both concerned that Harlow could be starting to take after her killer father, Robert, who she has been visiting in jail, there could be even more trouble in store for their friendship.

Roxy and Kyle’s wedding day is also set to be hit by a dangerous storm, with the soap teasing: “While Kyle and Roxy’s wedding preparations are in full swing for their big day, a violent storm bringing gale-force winds threatens to bring the celebrations to a tragic halt. Which of our residents will fall victim when disaster strikes at the celebrations?”

Neighbours airs these scenes on Monday, January 10 and Tuesday, January 11 at 1.45pm and 6pm on Channel 5. The scenes air in Australia on Tuesday, January 11 and Wednesday, January 12 at 6.30pm on 10 Peach.

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