NFL Superstar Jonathan Owens’ Bride-to-Be Simone Biles Empathizes With Dallas Cowboys’ Linebacker Micah Parsons, Who Is Going Through the Worst

Simone Biles has successfully left her mark in the gymnastics world. However, her impact isn’t limited to the gymnasium. Biles has always been vocal about anxiety and mental health. She even took some time off from the competitive sport to prioritize her mental health. The huge step at that time caused a massive uproar in the sporting community. However, the young champion stuck to her decision. It gave many other athletes the leeway to open up about their struggles, too. And recently, NFL player Micah Parsons opened up about the social pressure and the anxiety he has been feeling.

Biles, who has been through a similar situation in the past, came forward to show her support for the player.

Gymnastics Queen Simone Biles offers kind words to the NFL linebacker


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Earlier today, Dallas Cowboys‘ linebacker, Micah Parsons, took to Twitter to talk about his mental state. In his tweet, Parsons mentioned that he has been developing severe social anxiety, recently. Furthermore, the surrounding people are of no help to his condition. Instead, their presence is worsening the situation for him. Additionally, it is getting hard for him to enjoy his time in public spaces.

Simone Biles representing USA

Following Parsons’ tweet, many responded to the tweet with unkind words. Some suggested the player retire. Others reminded him that this comes with being a star and he should learn to deal with it. However, some offered kind words to the anxious player. Among them was the soon-to-be wife of fellow NFL Player Jonathan Owens, a.k.a. Simone Biles.

Finding the situation relatable, Biles commented, “the comments are horrendous, but I get this 100%. I’m such an introvert now.” Simone Biles has also dealt with similar social anxiety in the past.”


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In 2021, all eyes were on Simone Biles during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Everyone was looking forward to Biles performing the Yurchenko double pike. It was a feat that wasn’t seen in female gymnastics before Simone Biles came along and performed it a year before. However, just before the most awaited event, Biles withdrew from the event citing her mental health as the main reason.

Contrary to the reaction that was expected, Biles receive massive support from the sporting community. Even the fans and the media appreciated the Olympian for taking the big step. While there were a few who were not happy, they did not make a big difference.


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Therefore, years later, when a fellow sportsperson is dealing with a similar situation, Biles is aware of what he might need at the moment. Support! And that is what she is trying to provide. Let us know your views on the issue in the comments section.