NJ Bodega Owner Gunned Down Just Days Before Wedding – NBC10 Philadelphia

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A father was shot and killed inside his Camden bodega Tuesday night — just days before his wedding.

Camden police said Luis Morales, 42, died after being shot inside his bodega called “Fortuna Mini Market,” located on the 1200 block of Louis Street in New Jersey.

“It was a loss of a man who if he had to take food out of his mouth to give it to you, he would do it,” said Cándido Serrano, a relative of Morales. “Super humble to the community, he helped anyone,” he added.

Morales’ relatives said he was about to marry his fiancée, Jenniaee Rosa, within just days of the shooting, but he will now leave behind a son along with his future and dreams.

“Now I don’t know how to feel in this difficult moment,” Rosa said. “He has a son just going to turn one next month and he’s not going to see his dad anymore,” she sobbed.

Residents in the community said the fatal assault left the neighborhood broken, and that an event like this had never happened in the area.

“He had this store for about 12 years and that never happened, but the crime here in Camden is getting worse every day,” said Lucy Fernández Fortuna, a relative of Morales.

Camden police said the deadly robbery remains under investigation. They had arrested four people related to the incident as of Tuesday night.

For now, as the investigation continues, Morales’ life is honored by candles lit in the bodega he risked his life to defend.