NJ bridal store owner scammed brides who never got dresses, police say

NJ Bridal Store Owner Scammed Brides Who Never Got Dresses, Police Say

In a world where weddings are precious and special lifetime moments, the last thing a bride wants to deal with is a scammed bridal store owner. Unfortunately, dozens of brides in New Jersey experienced this betrayal when they found out that the bridal boutique where they had ordered their dresses had gone out of business and didn’t deliver the dresses they had already paid for.

The incident has left several brides to panic just weeks before their scheduled weddings with no dresses to wear. Many of the affected brides have taken to social media to share their heartbreaking experiences with the hope of preventing other couples from having to go through the same ordeal.

According to police, the owner of the bridal boutique, Malinda Morano, had taken the brides’ money but failed to order their wedding dresses, leaving them high and dry. Morano, who owned the bridal store, Aisle Style, in Northfield, was arrested on June 25 on charges of second-degree theft by failure to make proper disposition of property received.

The investigation started after several brides reported that they had paid for their wedding dresses and other services such as tailoring and alterations but never received them. Some couples were scheduled to get married in July, and they were left without dresses, no money, and no idea what to do next.

Most of these brides had paid for their dresses by cash or check, making it hard for them to get their money back. A few victims had paid with credit cards, but their time for disputing the charges had already expired. Morano, who was the only employee at the store, left no forwarding address, and her phone number was disconnected.

The devastating news left the brides with no choice but to purchase new dresses on such short notice, costing them an extra $1,000 each. Some brides had to rely on the kindness of strangers to donate wedding dresses, while others had to settle for generic store-bought dresses that didn’t meet their expectations.

The NJ State Police Economic Crimes Unit and the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office discovered that Morano had sold the business to an unknown buyer who was never identified. Instead of telling the brides, she pocketed their payments and closed the store.

The charges against Morano are serious, and if convicted, she could potentially face up to ten years in prison. The police are still investigating the case and are urging other brides who have been scammed by Aisle Style to come forward and share their experiences.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a massive warning to brides-to-be and others planning events to be cautious when dealing with any vendor. Before making any payment, do your due diligence and check the vendor’s reputation, online reviews, and even the Better Business Bureau’s website.

In conclusion, it is disheartening to see brides being scammed by a bridal boutique owner. We hope that justice will be served, and the affected brides will recover from this horrible experience. We advise anyone planning to hire a vendor to conduct proper research, ask for references, and ensure they are dealing with a reputable business. Thus avoiding such harrowing experiences like Morano’s brides.

Frequently Asked Questions about NJ bridal store owner scammed brides who never got dresses, police say

1. What was the offense committed by the NJ bridal store owner?
Answer: According to the police, the NJ bridal store owner scammed brides who never got dresses.

2. How did the scam occur?
Answer: The NJ bridal store owner reportedly took payments from brides but failed to deliver their dresses as promised.

3. How many brides were affected by the scam?
Answer: The police have not yet disclosed the exact number of brides who were affected by the scam.

4. What is the legal action taken against the NJ bridal store owner?
Answer: The NJ bridal store owner has been charged with theft by deception and is currently awaiting trial.

5. How can brides avoid falling victim to similar scams in the future?
Answer: Brides can protect themselves by thoroughly researching the bridal store before making any payments, requesting a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the purchase, and paying with a credit card for added protection.

Common Misconceptions about NJ bridal store owner scammed brides who never got dresses, police say

1. All bridal store owners in NJ scam brides: This is untrue as not all bridal store owners in NJ engage in illegal activities such as scamming brides. It is important to note that this case is an isolated incident that does not reflect the behavior of all bridal store owners in NJ.

2. The bridal store owner intentionally scammed brides: While it is true that the NJ bridal store owner scammed brides and never got dresses for them, it is essential to note that the intentions were not always malicious. In some cases, the store owner may have been facing financial difficulties, leading to the inability to deliver dresses to customers.

3. Brides were not careful when dealing with the bridal store owner: It is unfair to blame the brides for the actions of the bridal store owner. The brides were under the impression that they were dealing with a legitimate business and had every right to expect the delivery of their dresses. It is the responsibility of the store owner to handle business transactions ethically and transparently.

4. The police will not take action against the bridal store owner: The police take cases of fraud and deception very seriously and will do everything within their power to bring the perpetrator to justice. In this case, the NJ bridal store owner was arrested and charged with multiple counts of fraud, which indicates that the police are actively involved in pursuing justice for the affected brides.

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