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Octavio Ocaña, Nerea Godínez appears dressed as a wedding in networks | Instagram

Are you going to get married? Are you going to recreate the wedding that did not take place with beloved “Benito”? The fiancee of the famous Octavio Ocaña at the time of his departure, Nerea Godinez has really surprised Internet users by appearing on social networks nothing more and nothing less than looking like a radiant girlfriend.

Remember that Octavio Ocana He would have given the engagement ring to Nerea Godínez months before her death and even would have asked her mother for her hand and they were in preparation to arrive at the altar at the end or beginning of the year.

The young woman was surprised to share that “the wedding” would take place, in the sense that she would do something very special the day the couple would have arrived at the altar if something really sad had not happened that past October 29.

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However, the photographs in question are not about the wedding that they were going to carry out, and it was something that Nerea quickly clarified after the images began to appear on social networks.

The fiancee of Octavio Ocana He shared that before the rumors started he wanted to clarify the origin of the photographs. Nerea Godínez claimed to have a friend who sometimes asks her to be her makeup model and sometimes supports her in this way, being her model, so to show off the makeup applied to the already controversial young woman, the headdress was applied and wedding dress.


Octavio Ocaña, Nerea Godínez appears dressed as a wedding in networks. Photo: Instagram.

The truth is that the beloved actor who gave life to Benito Rivers in Neighbors would have been more than astonished to see his girlfriend when he arrived at the altar, because Nerea looks really beautiful with quite natural makeup and simple waves in her hair and with V-neckline dress with a lot of stonework and veil headdress on her head.

There are several photographs that are found on social networks in the role of the girlfriend of this beautiful woman; However, despite what happened, this can still happen, since Godínez is an attractive and young woman who will surely in time rebuild her life alongside another person.

The truth is that before the gossip began, the young woman clarified everything because it should be remembered that Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend has done quite badly with social networks, where all kinds of rumors about her have come out.