Offset’s Romantic Surprise For Cardi B Ruined DJ’s Wedding Plans

Offset’s romantic surprise for Cardi B at Rolling Loud 2018 inadvertently ruined the wedding of a radio DJ who was supposed to tie the knot at the festival.

Last week, J Cruz of The Cruz Show on L.A.’s 92.3 The Real spoke about when the Migos rapper derailed his wedding plans when he interrupted Cardi’s performance with an elaborate gesture in an effort to win her back. Cruz recalled the moment while interviewing Cardi’s “Tomorrow 2” collaborator GloRilla.

Cruz revealed he had planned to marry his girlfriend at the annual Hip Hop festival and even flew out their families for the celebration, with his partner ready and waiting in a wedding dress.

“Since I can’t tell Cardi, I’ll tell you,” he said to GloRilla. “I was supposed to get married on stage at the show, Rolling Loud. And that’s when her and Set were going through it, and Offset surprised her on stage with like, a stage full of roses.”

He continued: “So, I was supposed to get married on stage and since that happened, I was not allowed to do it. I had my whole family there. My wife in her dress, I flew in family members. Mother, father, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, my sister, my siblings were all there for this big moment. And it was bumped because Offset decided to surprise Cardi with roses.”

When GloRilla asked Cruz why his wedding got “bumped,” he replied: “Because I’m not Offset. I’m nobody. When that happened, it was like forget about you and the family you flew in and the embarrassment you’re about to live for a very long time, the therapy you’re going to have to go through. So I had to move on, and it didn’t happen.”

Offset and Cardi B’s marriage was on the rocks in 2018 to the point that the “Up” rapper left her husband after his rumored infidelity hit the headlines. However, Offset was determined to win her back by any means.

In the middle of her Rolling Loud performance that year, the Father of Four rapper surprised his wife onstage by presenting her with a large rose-filled sign that spelled: “Take Me Back Cardi.” The gesture seemingly made Cardi somewhat uncomfortable, but it would later become the catalyst for their reconciliation.

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These days, Cardi B and Offset are on better terms. They have two children and regularly go on dates, like fans saw earlier this month when Set called out Cardi for using her phone while they were out at a restaurant.