Old-fashioned celebration in Wisner for 150th anniversary | News

WISNER — Wisner celebrated its 150th anniversary over the weekend with a livestock show and rodeo, a “BIG parade” and alumni activities.

Also part of the fun were rain showers, rescheduled events and, of course, remembrances of the community’s past — such as Pat Knobbe of West Point driving a horse-drawn doctor’s buggy through Sunday afternoon’s parade.

In another nod to the past, Anna Mae Breitkreutz showed off the black wedding gown worn by her mother’s mother on her wedding day. On display at the Wisner Heritage Museum, the dress was worn by Helene Peters on her wedding day, marrying Fredrick Daberkow.

Audrey Glaubius served as a living mannequin at the Wisner Heritage Museum, dressed in her great-grandmother’s gown from the late 1940s or early 1950s. A Wisner-Pilger graduate, she is the daughter of Michael and Nancy Glaubius of Wisner; her great-grandmother was the late Irene Glaubius. Audrey Glaubius is the sixth generation of Glaubiuses in Wisner.

Also, Civil War reenactors camped outside the Wisner Heritage Museum, even amid Saturday’s rain showers.