Omer Adam, Static & Ben El perform at wedding of son of Shari Arison

Daniel Arison-Dorsman married his sweetheart and partner for the past seven years Danielle Gal. (Haim Afriat)

The wedding took place at the Havat Ronit event complex in Sharon, almost a year after their big engagement party that the couple held in the garden of Arison’s home.

Jewish philanthropist Shari Arison. (Haim Afriat)Jewish philanthropist Shari Arison. (Haim Afriat)

Buses arrived one after the other, packed with the young friends of the bride and groom.

The sumptuous evening included a moving wedding ceremony and performances by Harel Skaat, Static & Ben El Tavori and Omer Adam.

Tal Sharf directed the production. The groom’s brothers, Jason Arison and David Arison, and their wives Elital and Doreen, cavorted on the dance floor until the wee hours of the night.

The 26-year-old groom holds a master’s degree in government studies, diplomacy, and conflict resolution from IDC, with a specialization in Global Impact, and is a graduate of the Department of Business Administration at IDC Herzliya.

He already serves as a member of various boards of directors of the Arison Group and is chairman of the Young Friends Association of the Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation.