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The following information is an excerpt from The News Messenger of Lyon County on December 13, 1907:

The marriage of Miss Minne Sota Whitney of Marshall to Mr. Fred A. Hills of Duluth, was a brilliant social event, and more than a society occurrence,in that it was made a glad occasion for, and participated in by the townspeople of this little city of which the bride is native, and where she has grown to womanhood, and this was largely due to the kindly promotion by the many ladies whose enthusiastic efforts of preparation and consummation but adds further evidence to the trite adage, that all the world loves a lover, and is eager to gladden the nuptial day.

The event occurred on the evening of Wednesday, the 11th instant, in the Presbyterian church, its pastor Rev C. McKibbin, performing the ceremony. The decorations were of American Beauty roses, pink and white carnations, potted plants, festoons of smilax and evergreen, and a marriage bell, artistically arranged by the ladies of the church. Miss Bertha Marron presided at the organ, and the ushers were the Misses Minnie Schneider, Frances Harrington, Lila Sturgeon and Nellie Austin…

Miss Minne Sota Whitney is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. C. Whitney, and she was born in Marshall, and named in honor of the state of her nativity. For several years while her father held the position of state printer, she resided with the family in St. Paul. Her tendency has been musical, and she has studied with Mrs. E.C. Patterson of the Marshall conservatory of music, with Prof. Herbert of St. Paul, and with the instructors of the New England conservatory of music in Boston.

Mr. Fred A. Hills is the northern passenger agent of the Great Northern railway, with office in Duluth. He was formerly district passenger agent of the Willmar & Sioux Falls division,with headquarters at Sioux City, the home of his parents. His father, now deceased, was one of the builders of the Sioux City & Northern railroad, now absorbed by the Great Northern, and he was president of that road.

There is a happy coincidence in the above union. A year ago occurred the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. William Rea Jr.; of Montana, the bride having been Miss Elizabeth Dibble of Marshall. On that occasion, Miss Whitney was the bridesmaid, and Mr. Hills was a guest. At the present event Mr. and Mrs. Rea were gentleman and lady of honor…

The photograph featured this week is Minne Sota Whitney. A similar photograph (same dress and hat but different pose) appeared in The News-Messenger of Lyon County on December 13,1907 along with a photograph of Fred Hills and their wedding announcement.

Minne Sota’s wedding dress, invitation, and wedding book are on display in the Lyon County Museum’s new temporary Wedding Collection exhibit. The exhibit, located in the conference room on the 2nd floor of the museum, is open now through September 17. On display are wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, other formal wear, and wedding related items from the museum’s collection and on loan.

The Lyon County Historical Society (LCHS) is a non-profit, member-supported organization. LCHS operates the Lyon County Museum at 301 W Lyon St in Marshall. The Lyon County Museum is open to visitors. To contact us, visit our website: www.lyoncomuseum.org, call: 507-537-6580, email: director@lyoncomuseum.org, or on our Facebook page.

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