Optimize your flower budget | Columbia Basin Herald

If the national average is any indication, they’ll be a big part of your expenses, too.

Before you spend thousands on high-priced blossoms, however, carefully consider your options. The wrong choice can lead to unneeded expense, and there are lots of creative ways to get the most out of your flower budget.


We all have that special favorite flower. Often, however, this single decision can raise the costs substantially. You can save money by blending in seasonal foliage, which will be less expensive since it’s readily available. Ask a florist or someone with the local extension service office more about area plants and when they’re in bloom.


If your budget doesn’t allow for multiple showy arrangements, focus your florist’s attention on one show-stopper. Put it in a prominent place where it will receive the most notice, then downshift into less-expensive settings elsewhere. You can also pair flowers that have bigger blooms with a mix of structural items like branches that will fill out the arrangements without breaking the bank.   


Look for sales at local florists, or consider buying from a wholesaler. A word of caution: Buying in bulk means you can save a little, but you’ll also need to find someone with a florist’s expertise to arrange everything into something worthy of your big day.


A great way to stretch your flower budget is to pair fewer blooms with more personal items. Take some time when still in the planning stages of your wedding to dig out beloved keepsakes or small pictures to give the space a more intimate, one-of-a-kind feel. Images from younger days are always a big hit. Look for photographs of departed family members, since that’s a great way to share the occasion with them.


Many venues offer their own beauty, and that’s something money can’t buy. Be aware of the backdrop when setting up outside. Consider incorporating elements found on the grounds into your arrangements, settings and even your hair. If you’re getting married inside, open the windows or doors to showcase more of nature’s wonder. Take advantage of lighting options, or bring your own lamps, candles or other illumination. They’ll add just the right touch of ambiance, at no cost.