Pakistani YouTuber Azlan Shah gifts bride baby donkey on their wedding day

Choosing wedding presents is one of the trickiest duties because the bride and groom should know what the other likes in order to make them feel unique on the big day. YouTuber Azlan Shah went above and above to get his bride a unique and exceptional gift—a baby donkey!

YouTuber Azlan Shah from Karachi presented his bride with a young donkey during their wedding in a video that went viral on social media. Dr Warisha Javed Khan, a social media personality, and he recently got married.

Shah shared a photo of the gift along with an explanation of its significance on his Instagram account. Warisha loves newborn donkeys, he said, so he made the decision to give her one during their wedding. He went on to say that the newborn donkey had been brought along and had not been taken away from its mother.

The bride, Warisha, was overjoyed to receive the thoughtful gift and stroked the baby donkey and touched its head. The internet also saw the appearance of a video showing Shah surprising Warisha with the donkey, which caught fans’ attention and warmed their hearts. He may be seen in the video responding to the most frequent query: Why give a donkey as a gift?” Warisha’s response was that she adores young donkeys.

Related FAQs

Where is the YouTuber Azlan Shah based?

The YouTuber Azlan Shah is based in Karachi.

Why did Azlan Shah gift his wife Warisha a baby donkey?

Azlan Shah gifted his wife Warisha a baby donkey because she adores young donkeys. The bride was overjoyed to receive the thoughtful gift and stroked the baby donkey.

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