Pakistani YouTuber Gives Unique Gift to Bride at Wedding, Gift her Baby Donkey as it is his Spirit Animal’ | Video

A Pakistani YouTuber is making the buzz for giving a unique gift to his bride at their wedding. Instead of gifting his bride a ring or expensive jewellery, he gifted her a baby donkey as it is his spirit animal’.

An APN report quoted the groom Azlan claiming that donkeys are one of the most hardworking and lovely animals in the world. He also claimed that he loves all animals, and doesn’t care on what people have to say about certain animals, adding that donkey is his ‘spirit animal’.

The video of the moment when Azlan gifts his bride Varisha a baby donkey has since been making rounds of social media. In the video gone viral, Azlan can be seen walking in dressed up. He asks for someone to bring the gift he has planned. In comes a cute baby donkey tied with a rope. Meanwhile, the bride also appears and can be seen patting the cute pet on its head.

Meanwhile, the newlyweds can also be seen dancing on popular Hindi song ‘Ek main aur ek tu’. A second song follows up – ‘Mere mehboob mere sanam’, from the movie Duplicate.

Azlan’s unique gift has since polarized the internet with some appreciating the unique gesture while others frowning.

The Facts of the Matter

We have all seen countless marriages where a groom gifts his bride an expensive ring, or a token of love in the form of jewellery. However, a Pakistani groom went all out in gifting his bride a unique token of love, something which is a living, breathing, and loving animal.

No, it isn’t a dog or a cat, but a baby donkey! Yes, you heard it right. The incident comes straight from Pakistan, where Azlan, a YouTuber, married Varisha.

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Pak YouTuber Considers Donkey ‘Spirit Animal’

A popular YouTuber, many of Azlan’s videos have since gone viral. However, nothing beats the video of him capturing the exact moment when the baby donkey is brought to his newly wedded wife. Azlan planned to gift his bride a baby donkey as both of them are animal lovers. Further, Azlan considers a donkey to be his spirit animal.

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Video Shows Bride Being Gifted Baby Donkey

Video of the wedding festivities shows Azlan walking in at the reception venue, all dressed up. He asks for the gift that he has planned for his bride Varisha. Shockingly enough, a baby donkey is brought to the scene with a rope tied to its neck. Meanwhile, Varisha also appears at the venue, and can be seen petting and caressing the baby donkey.

Watch Video here:

पाकिस्तानी यूट्यूबर ने शादी में पत्नी को गिफ्ट किया गधे का बच्चा
Video हुआ वायरल।

— Priya singh (@priyarajputlive) December 10, 2022

In the video, Azlan can be turning to his bride, and asking, “why the donkey?”. To this, Varisha responds by saying that she likes it. Azlan adds that donkeys are one of the most hardworking and lovely animals, and added that he loves animals. He also said that donkey is his spirit animal, and also added how he doesn’t care what others say.

“Please don’t make fun of the donkey”, he can be heard urging in front of the camera.

The couple then takes to the stage, and soon they dance on ‘Ek main aur ek tu’. Another song follows up the classic Bollywood hit – ‘Mere mehboob mere sanam’, from Duplicate.


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