Pandemic creates wedding boom in Fargo-Moorhead

As more couples get engaged available venues dates are filling up fast.

FARGO-MOORHEAD (KVRR) — Wedding season is upon us and experts say they’ve seen a dramatic increase in couples wishing to tie the knot.

It’s the perfect day for brides and grooms, but to those looking to get married this season, they may have to have a bit more patience.

“It’s been crazy. All of the booking trends that I have watched in the last eight years while being in this business have totally changed once covid began and sometime in the middle of May a switch was flipped and things just got busy, really fast and looking at our calendar. I have 117 weddings in the next five months,” Sanctuary Events Center Sales Director Kayla Cash said.

“We just got done with two triple wedding weekends this weekend and last weekend we absolutely adore couples and we love working with them,” Rustic Oaks Sales & Operations Manager Shanelle Klein said.

As more and more couples get engaged, the very few dates venues have available are filling up fast.

“We have a few dates left this fall. So, I’ve got a few openings in November but we know that that will fill in with corporate events. Corporate alone is really trying to fill in as well. I’ve had an influx of corporate clients reaching out for meetings, holiday parties. I think just in general people are ready to gather again and they’re feeling safe doing so,” said Cash.

For brides and grooms to be, experts say the most important part of a wedding is to plan ahead.

“Book in advance. Call your local venues that you want and make sure that you get in them as soon as possible to tour because they are booking up fast around this area,” Klein said.

“First thing would be not to delay of course you want to get your venue booked. As soon as you get engaged you want to start looking at venues and starting to figure out your wedding budget. After that you’re going to figure out what vendors are available on those dates,” Cash said.

Both experts say the response has been great from brides and grooms who are just relieved have been finally able to get married after the pandemic.