Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2023 — Viva Magenta

You can incorporate Viva Magenta into your wedding cake.

Each December, Pantone announces the Colour of the Year which is the hue they feel most impacts the fashion, art and design industry, whilst driving trends in all visual categories. Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2023 is Viva Magenta — a bright, punchy fuchsia-meets-red, that is described as powerful, brave, and fearless.

As Viva Magenta becomes one of the trendsetting colours in fashion, décor, and design for 2023, the wedding industry will follow suit.

It’s a powerful colour, so wedding designers best be cautious or intentional with this bold colour when creating their theme palettes. Viva Magenta is a hybrid colour of vibrant pink with hints of purple and it belongs to the red colour family. Many colour experts recommend pairing the Viva Magenta with neutrals and wood tones or pairing it with equally impressive opposites on the colour wheel.

Viva Magenta offers romance for traditional weddings and seamlessly slips into most wedding themes. Its versatility and strong connection to nature lends itself to bohemian and rustic wedding themes.

Use in florals and décor

Colour plays such a crucial role in wedding design. Instead of allowing one specific tone to guide your design, think of what you want your wedding experience to feel like and then focus on the hues that evoke those feelings in the florals, linens, lighting, and other décor details.

Viva Magenta offers unlimited wedding floral combinations. Pair with white flowers and luscious greens for a traditional approach. You can also mix and match other pinks, reds, purples, and pale blues (a personal favourite for me). Each combination presents a unique emotional appeal. Cover your aisle and archway with magenta flowers, flowing fabrics, and linens.

Although it’s a highly pronounced colour, Viva Magenta surprisingly doesn’t compete with other bright colours, so feel free to experiment with different colour combinations during the planning process without worrying about visual chaos. With such a bold colour, sometimes less is more — a room full of magenta linens will be overkill, so incorporate the colour via florals, printed items, napkins, or other small details.

Wedding party attire

Incorporate Viva Magenta in your wedding via your wedding party’s attire. Bridesmaids can wear dresses in the colour and groomsmen can wear suits, ties, or vests in that colour.


Brides will have an easy time applying Viva Magenta to their make-up and accessories. Magenta falls into the traditional category of red lips and nails.


This colour certainly can light up your cake by imparting a moody, whimsical, and royal touch. If you want to go all-out with this shade, opt for a pattern and ombre shades of this colour, or opt for a white cake with sugar flowers in this colour. The end result will be gorgeous.

Add it to your invitations

Viva Magenta plays surprisingly well with a variety of other colours. Work it into your wedding invitations in the form of illustrations, envelope liners, and other fun flourishes.

Happy New Year, and Viva Magenta!

A Viva Magenta bridal bouquet.

Shikima Hinds