Paris Hilton’s Wedding Set For November, But Where Is The Venue?

Paris Hilton has wanted to keep everyone on their toes when it comes to details about her upcoming wedding. Around the time that her engagement was announced she also teased that she was pregnant, but that wasn’t the case after all. In keeping with this trend of wanting people to know about her but not too much invites to her wedding to Carter Reum were sent out this week. The tentative date is set for November 11. The only problem for guests though is that the invitation doesn’t specify where the wedding is going to take place!

The Date Is The Only Thing Set


Sources who claim to have received an invite to Paris’ big day agree that the date is set for November 11. Knowing Paris though we can’t write that down in stone just yet. As we mentioned, where the wedding is going to take place is still up in the air. Although, that hasn’t stopped different people from speculating where the wedding can take place. With Paris’ grandfather’s former estate being the front-runner at this point. A source that claimed to have received an invitation to the wedding tells Page Six,

“It’s a beautiful invitation. It came in a blue box. It sort of looked like a Tiffany’s box,”

Can’t Agree On The Venue

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We’re having to pull out some Hilton family history books to try and guess where the wedding is going to take place. Again, folk close to the family are pretty sure that the reception is going to take place at Barron Hilton’s former estate. There’s a bit of a problem with that, that we’ll get to in a bit. As far as the actual ceremony that could be taking place at Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills. That’s a church that has hosted Hilton family events numerous times before.

The Problem With Having The Wedding At Her Grandfather’s Estate

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There’s one tiny problem with the idea that the wedding reception is going to take place at Barron Hilton’s former estate. That’s literally the problem it’s not owned by the Hilton family anymore! Barron Hilton sadly passed away in 2019. The family found a buyer for the estate in May. It was taken over by Eric Schmidt former CEO of Google who paid 61.5 million dollars for the property. Maybe the reason why there is no set venue for the wedding on the invitation is that Paris hasn’t gotten permission from Schmidt to use his house for the wedding!

Paris & Carter Aren’t Too Worried

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If they aren’t able to use the estate for the wedding maybe they can just haven’t at virtually any other Hilton property, so the couple doesn’t seem too worried. At least that didn’t seem to be the case last weekend when the couple held a joint bachelor-bachlorette party in Vegas. Paris proved that she can still hold her own on the clubbing scene. She and her fiancée as well as a group of family and friends went out to AREA15, and Zouk Nightclub. Where they enjoyed a Dj Tiësto set. Another guy that was way bigger in the 2000s than he is now! Of course, they were staying at Resorts World in Sin city.